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West Yorkshire Spinners

WYS, West Yorkshire Spinners, is situated in the home of the British Worsted Spinning Industry and combines state of the art technology with generations of expertise and unrivaled know-how to produce British hand knitting yarns and knitted garments of exceptional quality.

Rhinetex is proud to sell wool and more from the West Yorkshire Spinners; the British Heritage, one of the few remaining worsted spinning companies left in the United Kingdom. WYS: We firmly believe that knowing where our raw material comes from guarantees that the quality of the finished product is consistently high.

WYS Collection

100% British Wool | Consistently high quality | One of the few remaining Worsted Spinners left in the UK.

Aran Fusion | Bluefaced Leicester | BoPeep | Croft | Exquisite Lace | Fleece Gems | Illustrious | Signature 4PLY

Aran Fusion

The WYS Aire Valley Range Aran Fusion is a selection of harmonious colours in one ball which makes the knitted result an easy to achieve striking combination of shades flowing into each other.

Available colours: grey mix, coffee & cream, moorland mix, autumn mix, autumn forest

Blend: 75% wool and 25% nylon

Size: 100gm balls (200m)

Tension: 24rs x 18sts – 10cm (4″) sq – 5mm (US8) needles

Washing instructions: hand wash 30*C, reshape whilst damp, do not tumble dry


Bluefaced Leicester

The WYS Bluefaced Leicester is beautifully spun, soft and squidgy wool. WYS has selected the best fleeces for this 100% pure Bluefaced Leicester wool which is reared, sheared and spun in Britain.

Available colours: aubergine, avocado, bluebell, blueberry, bullfinch, catkin, cherry, coral, ecru, honey, lavender, brown, mocha, owl, pheasant, pomegranate, sage, teal, wild rose, wood pigeon

Blend: 100% pure Bluefaced Leicester wool

Size: 100g hank & 50g ball

Tension: 28rs x 22sts – 10cm (4″) sq – 4mm (US6) needles

Washing instructions: hand wash 30*C, reshape whilst damp, do not tumble dry


BoPeep - Luxury Baby Wool

Never compromise on the most cherished moments in your life. BoPeep Luxury Baby is a sumptuous blend of the purest Falkland Island Wool and finest Nylon – perfect to wrap your favorite little people in. This yarn has been developed to be wonderfully soft and cosy against the skin, because only the best will do. BoPeep is the perfect example of a luxury baby yarn, which is soft and machine washable at 40*C.

Available colours: buttercup, carousel, cheeky chops, hopscotch, magic, piglet, pixie, rascal, sailboat, space hopper, splash time, teddy bear, tin man, tooth fairy, under the sea, unicorn

Blend: 52% Falkland Wool – 48% Nylon

Size: 50g

Tension: 22sts x 28 rows to 10cm

Washing instructions: 40*C machine wash


Croft - Shetland Tweed

The Croft is produced from 100% shetland wool, this world-reowned fleece for its fineness and warmth, produces a stunning and unique tweed yarn. The high levels of crimp and wave in the fleece makes it an ideal hand knitting yarn. The Croft has a soft and silky handle that retains a lot of durability. WYS wanted to stay true to the roots of The Croft and named each shade after a location on the Shetland Islands. Crofting is internal to the landscape, cultural heritage and social economy of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. It bonds people and places in a unique way, preserving livelihoods and age-old traditions.

Available colours: heeler, boddam, mossbank, stonybreck, dalsetter, maryfield, clousta

Blend: 100% Shetland Wool

Size: 166m (182yds)

Tension: 24rows x 18sts/10 cm

Washing instructions: 30*C machine wash


Exquisite Lace

The WYS Exquisite is one of the most luxurious lace yarns on the market. It contains 80% of the finest Falkland Island Wool and 20% Mulberry Silk which is the highest quality silk available for purchase.

Available colours: belgravia, emerald, florence, mayfair, portobello, rose, savoy, truffle, viscount

Blend: 80% Falkland wool – 20% Mulberry silk

Size: 100g hank

Tension: 32sts x 40 rows to 10 cm

Washing instructions: 30*C hand wash


Fleece - Wensleydale Gems

The Wensleydale Gems Collection is a stunning range of 100% Wensleydale Fleece in 20 shades. Wensleydale is the perfect fleece for dyeing because of the lustre and shine of the fibre. The dye ware accentuates this natural effect giving a beautiful sheen allowing to produce stunning shades. The collection is named Gems because the shades gleam like precious stones.

Available colours: amazonite, amber, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, cobalt, ecru, fire opal, granite, jadeite, jet, lapis, moonstone, peridot, pink quartz, red jasper, ruby, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, zircon

Blend: 100% Wensleydale Fleece

Size: 200g hanks (225m)


Washing instructions: hand wash 30*C | reshape whilst damp | do not tumble dry


Illustrious DK

Over the years WYS has blended and mixed many types of raw materials together. The aim is to combine compatible that look and feels fantastic, with softness of touch and a clear stitch definition. WYS wanted the colours in this range to be as inspiring and luxurious as the yarn. They invested their time in ensuring that the mix of colours and shades not only worked well individually but also complemented each other. With their new technology they created some new exciting variegated combinations which completes this stunning collection.

Available colours: antique gold, dusky lilac, garnet, heather, highland, lichen, mulberry, oatmeal, old lace, orchid, rose quartz, sandstone, sea glass

Blend: 70% falkland wool and 30% British alpaca

Size: 100g (225m)

Tension: 28rs x 22sts – 10cm sq – 4.00mm (US6) needles

Washing instructions: machine wash 30*C


Signature 4PLY

The WYS Signature 4 PLY is one of the most sumptuous 4PLY products on the market. Available in a range of vibrant colour groups and ideal for socks!

Available colours: black, blackcurrant bomb, blue lagoon, blue raspberry, bubblegum, bullfinch, butterscotch, candyfloss, cayenne pepper, cherry drop, chocolate lime, cinnamon stick, ecru, goldfinch, hollyberry, juniper, kingfisher, mallard, mojito, nutmeg, owl, passionfruit cooler, peacock, penny roll, pheasant, pink flamingo, poppy seed, rum paradise, sarsaparilla, sherbet fizz, sour apple, spearmint, tequila sunrise, turmeric, wood pigeon

Blend: 75% wool (35% Bluefaced Leicester) / 25% nylon

Size: 100g balls (400m)

Tension: 36rs x 28sts – 10cm sq – 3.25mm (US3) needles

Washing instructions: 30*C Machine wash