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Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Ultraviolet, is adding Spice and Brightness to your Interiors. This colour shouts creativity, experimentation and non-conformity. It spurs us to constantly push boundaries. In our latest Colour Stories Post you could read about our Top 10 Fabric Collections that are matching perfectly with the Colour of the Year 2018. Now, you can sit back and get your inspiration on how to use this colour by thinking originally, ingenuity and visionary.

‘Purple is made up of warm and cool elements, both blue and red. Red being very exciting and blue very relaxing and tranquillising, but when you put the two together, you create a really interesting colour and this particular purple leans a little bit more to the blue side. It’s a very creative, exciting a colour, but there’s a little drama attached to it too. I think for other colours, it’s a matter of working your way around the colour wheel. Ultra violet across greys of any variation – from the lightest to the darkest – is spectacular. It’s a wonderful punch of colour to use across neutral tones.’

– Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute

Ultra Violet can transform your room completely: extraordinary, self-expressed or conversely.. Are you used to neutral colour schemes? Then start  using Ultraviolet on the inside: furniture and units. For more impact: add colour to a guest- or bathroom, interesting places to experiment with colour. Anyway: the fun part comes with decorating with a colour like purple. Out of the Ordinary. 

Whether leaning towards lavender, soft iris or aubergine… Purple is a versatile colour, symbolizes elements of confidence, counterculture, unconventionality, mindfulness and mystical and spiritual qualities.

Ultraviolet is Bold. How to use this in our interior? It can be sexy, while it also can be cooling and spiritual… Shades of Violet can work well together, but can also be too much.

‘The great thing about ultraviolet is that it can hold its own with a diverse range of colours. It can act as a dark foil for acid brights, a cool partner for hot hues and a safe anchor for delicate pastels.’ 

– Sophie Robinson, Interior designer

Sophie Robinson for Hillarys in Ultraviolet



Get Inspired now by these Interior Decorating Ideas

And if you’re fallen in love? Scroll down and read our 10 tips on how to decorate with Ultraviolet. 


Purple Wall Art & Patterns

Ultraviolet Wallpaper via Homeology

Patterns in purple-tones will complement your home’s existing style. This white and purple wallpaper fits nicely in a traditional home incorporating trendy Ultraviolet. Geometric patterns will fit with modern and contemporary styles, stripes complement preppy decor and florals add to feminine home designs (via BHG.com)


Popping Purple

Purple Popping in Ultraviolet via BHG

Ultraviolet accents like pillows, a floor rug and tape will energize your room. The variety of patterns adds a fun but cohesive look.


Sleep in Ultraviolet

Arizona Interiors by Rittika - Ultraviolet via Amara

Take your rest asserted, and achieve a stunning one-in-a-million look. Adding different materials and textures to build interest and fit it to your individuality.


Powerful Furrrnishing

Rebecca Randall via Elle Decor

Bring inspiration into your interior by using powerful shades. Either as an accent in soft furnishings or a more powerful and intense effect on walls or furniture. It will bring a sense of drama to your interior.


Wonderful unexpected surprises

Wonderful Unexpected Surprises via Laurel Feldman Interiors

Laurel Feldman uses the rich deep purple shades as a wonderful, unexpected surprise. Bring the rich elegant blast of ‘wow’ by covering dining chairs in a royal, purple shade which gives a sense of confidence, a creative individuality.


Garden Paint

Garden Paint via Country Living

It is not just for interiors – upgrade your garden walls with this colour and enliven your garden space. (via CountryLiving.com) 


Accent Pillows

Accent Pillows via Homedit

The use of accent pillows are great for introducing a colour to a space. Pair with something neutral as light grey or white for a fresh and elegant combo. Wooden accents are perfect for balancing out the other materials, colours and textures.


Go Luxurious

Highgate and Kensington Ultra Violet for Bridgman

The shade gives freedom to use as much or as little as you want. But this set from Highgate and Kensington is something we can’t get enough from.


Pillow Talk

Courtesy of Target - Watercolour Inspired Pillow

Top it all off with a watercolour-inspired pillow: make it yourself with for example the Watercolour by Moda collection.

Watercolor by Moda


Top 10 Tips on How to Decorate with Ultraviolet

Via Pender&Peony

  1. Use Ultraviolet as an accent colour
  2. Mix and Match with metallics (for a luxurious look)
  3. Don’t use it in patterns or a childish decor
  4. Create a bold bohemian look by mixing with jewel tones: turquoise, orange and sage green
  5. Take a cue from nature and add floral accents like delphinium & lavender
  6. Go sleek and modern for a graphic look by mixing Ultraviolet with black and white
  7. Mix with cool tones and varying shades of purple for a calming vibe
  8. Invest in art with a strong palette
  9. Use it on household accessories like sheets, towels and pillows
  10. Don’t use it on permanent household fixtures like tiles.


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