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As we have reached March, the cold winter months will soon be coming to an end and that means we are getting closer to the Spring Season by the day. It’s time to look forward to fresh colours and textures and add them into your interiors now! Enjoy new colours, patterns and materials!

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Gelato – Colours of Ice Cream
Spring 2018 Colours of Gelato

Via: Valspar

Gelato colours are about to be huge in interiors and fashion this spring season. There’s no time to wait: start investing and making key pieces now and get ahead of the crowd. Choosing your favorite colour will feel like you’re about to choose your favorite ice cream taste, said Kasia Wiktorowicz from Valspar.. “So why choose only one colour when you can have them all, in a perfect palette of ice cream colours. Mix up and match with pastel hued accessories (like vanilla ice cream).


Pops of Spring Colours
Colour Pops via ArrummaDissimo

Via: ArrummaDissimo

Pops of Colours is another strong trend for the coming spring season. A variety of strong shades that will transform any living space and helps to reflect a personal style. This trend is all about mixing bright colours together. Strong but easily manageable if you’re having one or two main colours to start with. Use textures to layer the look and don’t be afraid to team patterns and stripes together!


Re-Energize with Green
Via: Apartment Therapy

Via: Apartment Therapy

A little bit unsurprisingly with all the plats and prints going on, our homes are likely to be dominated by one colour this season: green. With the increasing news of health benefits, the humble houseplant is becoming the must-have for our interiors. The more, the better. Place your plants in each room, use hanging plants on the shelves and some lovely leaves in the corners and on coffee/side tables. Mix them with lush green pieces in your furniture like an armchair, stylish pendants, a textured rug or some green cushions for added energy.


The Tropical Paradise – Spring Summer Indoors/Outdoor Trend
Tropical Paradise via HappyModern.Ru

Via HappyModern.Ru

Brights teamed up with gold are key to this happy tropics trend. It will work in both inside and outdoors. To recreate the Tropics into your home, layer different colours and use some darker hues as well. Choose tropical leaves (also prints) to add a decorative touch. Pick out vibrant pinks and blues and you’ve created a tropical paradise for yourself!


Go Natural – The Blurred Boundaries with Textures
Go Natural via VTWonen

Via: VT Wonen

As well as in prints, we will see more real plants and natural look furniture to give our interiors a fresh and airy feel. Indoors meets outdoors seamlessly, reconnecting with nature as well as giving the feeling of a bigger living space to enjoy. With the use of crafted embellishments like fringes, macrame, tufts, tassels and feathers on cushions, wall hangings, throws, rugs and accessories you’ll create an handmade quality to your home. It is even better when you did-it-yourself. With the emphasis on traditional techniques and handmade items, crafts celebrates history and stories behind each piece of homeware. It shines a spotlight on the design-maker.

Expect heavily textured and woven curtains, rugs and wall hangings, as well as pottery, wicker light shades and wooden stools. Textiles take a playful role with lots of embellishments, raw edges and applique details. Simply play with textures and materials and achieve your natural look.


Wabi Sabi via DigsDigs

Via: DigsDigs

Goodbye Hygge, it is the year of Wabi-Sabi design now. This Japanese-philosophy inspired trend is about to become your favourite look! This philosophy of wabi-sabi came as a reaction to the dominant trends of time (15th century) which relied heavily on over-ornamentation, lavishness, and the use of rare materials. In direct contrast, wabi-sabi is all about finding beauty in imperfection. Form a deep connection to earth and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Above all, it centers around recognizing the importance of authenticity and striving to remain authentic in all aspects of one’s life. 5 must-have accessories that will help you create your wabi-sabi interior: handmade pottery, organic materials, minimalistic solutions, earthy colour palette and shabby walls.


Geometric Patterns
Geometric Interior via Lexi Westergard

Via Lexi Westergard

The geometrics were popular throughout 2017…Altough predominantly focused on furnishings, in 2018 it’s all about tiles, wallpaper and fabrics. Focused on creating bold effects, there are many types of wallpaper and fabric out there to help you achieving the look. Even in industrial farmhouse-styled homes geometrics will fit perfectly.


Ombre – ‘To Shade’
Ombre Wall via MakeOver

Via: MakeOver

This prominent style has been in hairdressing and fashion for a while and is an artistic, gradient style which can be implemented in rugs to beddings, fabrics and even lampshades. Once you’ve chosen your colour, combine your accessories to complement the used ombre colour using a mix of plains and prints. Paint it yourself, or when you’re not comfortable with that..there are lots of great fabrics and wallpapers available.


Botanical Prints
Botanical via Pottery Barn

Via: Pottery Barn

Flowers and botanical prints are always in-fashion. It’s just a case of what makes them new. This spring seasons prints have gone small scale straight out of an artists’ sketchbook. The motifs of spring blooms as tulips, daffodills, violets, hyacinths and muscari are appearing on everything from wallpaper to fabric and are perfect for your interior. They even have an uplifting quality that can change your mood. Try a pair of new cushions or paper on a bedroom wall.



Inky Blues
Indigo by Marks & Spencer

Via: Marks & Spencer

As an antidote to the pastel tones, another colour trend is Inky Blues, Indigo! If painting a whole room into one of these shades seems overwhelming, simply accessorize instead with vases and flowers. Pick different shapes in a mixture of styles, coloured glass and other embossed stoneware. Vary the heights and widths to create an interesting display.


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