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Who knew a broken box would be the perfect inspiration for a collection of fabric.

Let me explain…I was moving boxes of papers, vintage fabric swatches and miscellaneous stuff out of my office to make way for a KT Quilt Shop expansion. About two-thirds of the way up the 26 steps to my new office, the bottom fell out of the box and the contents slid down the stairs. As I was picking up and sorting through the mess, I discovered a set of holiday stencils. They were dated 1929 and were bought in a box of “good junk” at an auction. One of the stencils was a delightful candy cane cutout with holly leaves, berries and a bow. It was the perfect beginning for a Christmas collection. I added designs that reminded me of vintage wrapping paper to complete the look.

I hope you enjoy this cheerful collection as much as I have to create your own Sweet Holly Christmas.


Order by date: March 2020

Shipping date: July 2020

SKU’s: 40

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