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As a dedicated quilter, I find patchwork has always been about the pioneers of our craft. Antique quilts offer us an archetypal introspection into our creative spirits. New Vintage engages the collective spirit of our quilting sisters from the past with the color trends of today. It establishes a foundation of new quilts that will unite a reflection of our worlds which are as different as they are the same. 

New Vintage is an eclectic collection inspired by decorative chintz fabrics of India, texture of needlepoint designs of yesteryear and vibrant plaids brought to life in the palettes of today. Feature prints of decorative birds and wallpaper flowers allow us to playfully cut and piece a new story that is both old and new…. one that unites both worlds then and now.

Here we discovered the geometric pathways proven to engage the eye and spirit. Enjoy prints that fit your blocks from miniature to grand. Fill the spaces of alternate blocks with dynamic images or intersting backgrounds. Guide the eye around your project with a floral stripe. Playful and sophisticated, this is a bridging collection that is sure to appeal to you more traditional customers while capturing the momentum of more modern contemporary quilters aswell. 

Function meets fashion with a cohesive collection that engages creatively with the current FreeSpirit offerings, allow for suprising new combinations that are sure to be future heirlooms!

Order by date: December 2019

Shipping date: April 2020

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