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Nancy Catherine Lunsford Haggard (1839-1921) was my great-great-great aunt. She was the middle sister to Lizzie and Susanna, and while she was born in Kentucky, she moved to Texas in 1857. Thanks to the journals kept
by Great-great-great grandmother Lizzie Mathews Carpenter, Kate, as Lizzie called her, shared the same talent and affinity for sewing and quilt-making as her sisters.

Nannie Kate, as referred to by family, married one of my great-great-great-grandfather’s best friends, Clint
Haggard. Together they would have nine children. Their home was a busy one, with so many to clothe and keep
warm. Just like her sisters, she sewed their garments and made crib and bed size quilts.

Lizzie’s journals record a love of the sisters and their mother, gathering together for ‘quiltings’. Entries include
helping each other with garments and quilts. Clothing is mentioned in detail, but sadly few names of quilts were
included. My imagination races still, wondering which blocks they pieced, the quilts they made and the designs
they quilted.

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