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Judiths Fancy was the first place we lived when we moved to the island of St. Croix! High up in the hills, it looked out over the island where we could see to Tortola. This is where I met my first best friend, Beth, as we walked the long road home from the bus every day. Beth was stylish dressed in Key West hand print fabrics, the preview to Lilly Pulitzer. So long ago but filled with good memories of the salt air and ocean breeze. No matter where you stood on the island, the ocean was visible. Five miles wide and 25 miles long, the island was home for many years. This past year I took up painting and it was as if the island of St. Croix was inside the paintbrush. The colors, the subject matter, and all of my cherished memories have come back as I paint. The nostalgia of the island borrowed from the lens of a young girl and splashed onto canvas. The paintings have made their way into many of your homes with continued inquires and demand, we are trying these on cloth. From the master design inspired by my first best friend on the island, to the lovely coordinates that make this collection unique and beautiful, Judith’s Fancy is a quilter’s delight! Thank you for making an island girl feel good and help uncover her passion.

Shipping date: November 2017