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Where flowers bloom… so does hope 

Gardens during the feed sack era were practical—planted with foods to sustain a family during hard times. But there was always room for beauty. Along with rows of cucumbers, tomatoes, and potatoes, flowers grew. Iris, morning glories, hollyhocks, and daisies filled backyard borders and vases on kitchen tables. In an era when women meticulously stitched their family’s clothing, quilts, and household goods from flour sacks, they took time to add rick-rack to a dishtowel or embroider a baby chick on a child’s romper. In the toughest of conditions, they made space for beauty and creativity. Flour Garden evokes that era of adding a handmade touch on the busiest of days. And whether you use it to stitch quilts, skirts, or tote bags for the farmer’s market, you’ll be sewing your own seeds of artistry and springtime abundance. 

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