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Introducing Scion, an upbeat brand for everyone, with zesty colors, clean Scandi-inspired designs and fresh ideas for modern living.
The word Scion has two meanings:  ‘a young shoot or twig’ or ‘the descendent of a notable family’. It’s the perfect name for an energetic new brand that has been created with an enduring appeal and intrinsic individuality to bring a smile to the everyday.

Scion is proud to introduce Dakarai, a collections of contemporary abstract designs in a palette of chalky brights and dusky pastels to suit any home. The name Dakarai means ‘joyous’and ‘happy’, which is a perfect fit for this cheerful collection of geometric patterns, funky stripes and fun motifs, including Mr. Fox.

Mr. Fox was the first ever Scion design and has a special connection with the brand’s roots, and has since grown to be an iconic design with a life, personality and loyal following all of his own.