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Boston Commons takes the FreeSpirit brand into the dedicated quilter’s world of traditional florals and small all-over prints. This collection, inspired by an antique quilt from Donna Wilder’s personal collection, is meant to offer retailers our take on traditional prints. In addition, this collection should open doors to introduce the FreeSpirit brand to more traditional shops. This collection is an entry into discussing the beauty and luxury of the hand of our fabrics as well as the values of the FreeSpirit brand – inspiring, spirited, vivacious, imaginative, and colorful. Named after America’s oldest park, Boston Commons in deep reds, emerald greens and colonial blues offers today’s creative or savvy quilter the vintage allure of prints that were popular centuries ago. These charming florals and small prints are the perfect pallet for quilter’s whether used as the collection in total or as the precisely-needed color and design awaiting your traditional quilt pattern.