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What a pleasure is it to introduce you to Sarah’s Story. 
Once again, I’ve found inspiration within three antique wquilts in my collection dating from the 1830’s-1840’s and from Sarah Josepha Hale (1788-1879). 
Sarah was a poet, an author, and editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book for 40 years. It was in Godey’s that the hexagn design first appeared in an American periodical in 1835. In her day, Sarah was the leading influencer of fashion and all matters concerning the keeping of a home. Everything from furnishings to cooking, sewing the latest fashions, hand-crafts, sheet music and more were part of each issue. Sarah advocated the values of education and women in the workforce, and Godey’s published original works by American authors, including Sarah’s poem “Mary Had A Little Lamb”. She was largely responsible for President Lincoln proclaiming Thanksgiving a national holiday.  
While Sarah’s influencers and trend setting ideas offer inspiration for the line, it is the wide range of prints found in my antique quilts that complete Sarah’s Story. 

“No influence is so powerful; as that of the mother.” – Sarah Joseph Hale 

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