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The Desert Song Collection was inspired by beautiful deserts of the American Southwest, focusing on four states: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The diversity of the flora and fauna of each state is showcased amidst abstract patterns that celebrate the native history of the region.

Each state is also represented individually as an illustrated map replete with hand-lettered cities and popular state sights and attractions. An additional panel highlights each state’s official bird and flower.

“I grew up in Lake Tahoe.
I love color. I love pattern. I love texture. I love line.
I studied both interior design and jewelry design in college. I earned my BFA at CCA(C))
I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a sister. I am a daughter.
I am inspired by fairy tales. The night sky. And sparkles.
I like to draw. I like to paint. I like to sew. I like to read.
I do not like to cook.
My husband is my best friend.
I am happy.”

In stores: October 2019

Order by date: June 2019

Sku’s: 30 prints

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