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The ‘Neddy’s Meadow’ collection from Snow Leopard Designs is inspired by a lovely white stallion called Neddy, who Philip Jacobs’ has been grooming, feeding and befriended for a number of years. Neddy and Philip rapidly became the best of friends. Quilters from around the world follow his adventures on social media and love his humor, naughtiness and nature-loving spirit. 

The designs in this collection are intended to reflect both the plants and other creatures that inhabit the Surrey countryside by Neddy’s riverside paddock. The main design: ‘Neddy’s Horses‘ shows a group of different breeds of playful horses in the spring time – from dappled grey to the beautifully spotted Leopard Appaloosa. 

The other major design is the group ‘Roosters‘, which portrays some of the birds that inhabit he farm where Neddy lives. Different textures can be found from the large roosters to the small chicks, working perfectly as an abstract multi-directional fabric for an explosion of color and a variety of uses. 

In the spring time, the paddock and the surrounding fields are rich with flowering ‘Spring Blossoms‘, dropping their petals into the nearby River Mole in the gentle breeze resulting in floating blooms on the water below. Multitudes of ‘Crocuses‘ break through the damp earth, spreading joy to horse and human alike! As the summer heat builds the ‘Meadow Grass‘, a perfect near solid, become laden with seed, which, if they are not eaten by Neddy, are also scattered by the wind. 

Slowly as summer passes and the autumn mist start to rise off the river, the hedgerows become full of juicy ‘Blackberries‘ for Neddy to happily graze.

I hope this collection brings you a bit more of the story about the horse that I love and his happy world. Neddy and his world will inspire your projects in the same way he, and his warm heart, has inspired me to produce an abundance of designs. 


Shipping date: June 2019

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