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To draw by hand – this is the medium of choice when Keiko Goke designs her fabrics. Watercolors, crayon and soft tip colored pencils, especially German made Lyra and Stabilo, are her favorite drawing tools.

“I know, my artistic choice will require the mill to put forth extra effort when reproducing my designs, but this is my medium and how I would like to continue as long as I design fabric.”

Keiko Goke always wants to include flower motifs in her collection, which are found as a few pretty and gentle flowers. She also loves graphic types of motifs, also in this collection. Designs that she draws, as she likes: become printed fabrics delivered to the quilters. 

“I do think it is such a happy things to do as a job and I made this collection in thanks for that joy!” 

Shipping date: August 2019

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