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BasicGrey is back with a fanciful fright. Hallo-Harvest is full of autumn oranges, eerie greens and just enough black to make you scream! Skulls, bones and spiders too, we’re sure there is something just for you. Beware the bats in their moonlit flight as you wander in disguise with such delight. Skeletons lurk and fall festivities are in full swing for everyone knows it’s Halloween! Eat, drink and be scary! 

BasicGrey’s Holiday Traditions 

We have a tradition at our house of making white chocolate ghosts with tiny chocolate chip eyes and hanging them on our Halloween tree. Using a page protector over a ghost template, I spooned melted white mint flavored chocolate over a looped string. I add tiny chocolate chips as eyes before the chocolate cools. Once cooled we carefully remove them from the page protector and hang them on the tree. It’s pretty funny because the ghosts are always in many stages of being eaten by the kids. Missing an arm or leg or gone entirely.

Shipping date: July 2019

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