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Bundle up, it’s a blizzard of wintery fun! Track footprints in the snowy tundra to discover polar bears, deer and bunnies in their glacial paradise. Deck your igloo with festive poinsettia and greenery and delight as the frosted night sky is illuminated with shooting stars. “Aurora” evokes the calm contrasts of winter in colors of berry red, pine green, icy grey, glacier aqua and midnight blue. Brave the cold, put on your creative boots and enjoy exploring of all that this collection offers! 

Holiday traditions

Something Pete and I always like to do on New Years’ Day is wake up early and watch the sunrise to greet the new year. We drive to one of our favorite trails, hike through the woods in barely enough light to see the ground, and settle together on a solitary bench in an old orchard. It has a sweeping panoramic view all the way to the sea, and as the sun comes up you can see it’s reflection on the water. It’s such a calm hope – filled and energizing way to connect with our natural surroundings and to celebrate the year’s first moments of light and all the possibilities that lie ahead. 

Shipping date: July 2019

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