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This is Halloween with a bit of Fig Tree flair and it’s all about those All Hallow’s Eve’s of long ago. Colors and prints that feel vintage, soft and romantic and yet when brought together are a perfect blend of a classic Halloween. An eclectic mix of oranges, grey & blacks, these are a collection of our favorites from throughout the years. When separated, they are perfect blenders for dozens of other projects but when brought together… “something wicked this way comes”. Happy Halloween my friends! 

Fig Tree & Co’s Holiday traditions

One of our favorite traditions each Halloween is toasting pumpkin seeds! As soon as we start carving the pumpkins, I start stiffing through all of those fabulous pumpkin guts to find each and every last seed. We add all kinds of spices to them mixed with a little bit of olive oil and toast them on a pan until they are crisp and tasty. Usually I am done toasting before everyone is done carving so it becomes an immediate treat to eat while we carve. Favorite flavors include dill & seasonal salt and paprika & garlic salt. Our Halloween wouldn’t be complete without it! 

Shipping date: July 2019

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