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Nature celebrates Christmas with Splendor! The pops of red signal the season is here. Red berries adorn the greenery. Bright Cardinals dance among snowy branches. Poinsettias bloom with deep and rich color. Intricate snowflakes add lace to the scenery. Everywhere nature is decorating with rich color and design. That’s why this line is called Splendid. Nature IS Splendid. And you don’t have to go far to enjoy it! Just a trip outside will reunite you with the deep dark sky, the crisp pine needles, snowy dusting of the ground and winter birds signing joyful songs. Nature celebrates. And we celebrate with her, bringing in a touch of the grand red and the decorations of winter. We look forward to time with loved ones as we decorate and listen to Christmas music while we trim the tree with tiny lights, red sparkly baubles and glinstering ornaments. Outside it is just as magical, just as grand. With Splendid I wanted to capture that feeling of color and richness. In my quilts I wanted designs that would show off the splendor of the deep red poinsettias and the bright lively Cardinals. My quilts include a range of sizes to showcase large prints while bringing in decorative framing that is fitting for the holidays. Whether you are making a bed quilt to slumber away in sweet Christmas Eve dreams or a special lap quilt to decorate the couch or wall, I hope the nature inspired holiday theme brings you joy and feels…splendid!

Robin Pickens’ Holiday Traditions

For traditions we always make Three Layer Jello Salad for our holiday meals. The middle layer is made with milk sugar sour cream, vanilla and unflavored gelatin. The jello colors are coordinated to the holidays so Christmas is made with Cherry and Lime flavors to get those lovely red and green colors. My mother made this for holidays and my kids always ask for it. The other tradition I have is the little Santa boot mug is one of a pair we had when I was growing up. Now as adults, the pair is split and my sister has one boot and I have the other. On Christmas Eve, when we leave out cookies for Santa, we always leave some milk in the Santa boot mug. 

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