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Two years ago, my husband, kids and I moved back to the West Coast to my home state of Washington, and while I’d been drawing inspiration from all that the East Coast had to offer, suddenly I was surrounded by new and unique forms of nature. Even though this had been my home growing up, as an artist I was now seeing things with a fresh and more inquisitive perspective. The smallest of details being more interesting than they ever were when I was young. As a result, this collection pays homage to the unique beauty of this region that I love so much. I feel very fortunate that my daily views include the stunning waters of the Puget Sound. It is a beautiful and familiair reminder of why I love the Pacific Northwest so much. I have a passion for beach combing; and our favorite walk is Point No Point where the water hugs the rounded shore and the beach is covered with drift wood, rocks, seaweed and various other marine treasures. The floral and fauna in this collection are direct reflections of the incredible things we’ve found during our adventures both on the beach and in the gorgeous woods of the Pacific Northwest. 

Shipping date: June 2019

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