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There is a magical charm in the air at Christmas – a fresh blanket of snow, a snow-kissed tree decorated with flowers and ribbon, and plenty of snuggles in handmade quilts. This little tree collection is a piece of my heart. With it, you can deck your halls and beds in sweet poetry, red and white poinsettias, mistletoe, farmhouse stripes, embossed tin, and of course… little trees.

Holiday traditions

When I was young, my mom decorated two trees every year. One was in the living room themed as an angel tree. The other – and my favorite – was in the family room covered with about 23 boxes of read, clear and snow lights. There were red velvet ribbons with gold edges, and almost-life-size hand-painted paper cache Santa faces. On that tree were all the little decorations given to us by neighbors, little Christmas projects made by us children and our mother gave use a new ornament each year. There were pressed tin ornaments, snowflakes, little paper trees, and red balls. When the lights were low, and the tree lights turned on, there was instant magic and you could partially smell Christmas. 

Shipping date: June 2019

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