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Keep it simple. That’s my motto for designing fabrics and making quilts. My goal is to feature colors and prints in fabric collections from one year to the next that blend effortlessly for beautifully scrappy quilts. I’ve enjoyed playing with this new assortment of classic KT fabrics to create quilts using traditional piecing (or my Layered Patchwork method) that are fast and fun to stitch. This collection includes my go-to prints from previous lines that blend and enhance the fall and spring lines. KT’s newest collection of favorites is the best yet with precut layer cakes and jelly rolls in all tan prints. Who doesn’t need more backgrounds? Add KT favorites 2019 to your fabric stash and you’ll never run out of the perfect KT color for your next project. 

Holiday traditions

Our family started a new tradition several years ago, when the kids moved further away from home – creating memories instead of buying gifts. The holidays are hectic with demands from multiple families that make it difficult to slow down and enjoy time together. We’ve simplified gift-giving and chosen to spend our time and money on a family vacation each summer. My twin sons enjoy taking charge as our ‘cruise directors’, finding a large house that accommodates everyone. I love having the gift of time with my kids and grandkids. Without the distractions of buys holidays and daily life. We’ve bonded over Disney trips, mountain climbing and relaxing on the beach, making memories that will last a lifetime. 

Shipping date: June 2019

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