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Brighten the winter season with vivid red! Whether it’s set against a snowy landscape or a grey wintery day, the 3 Sisters know that the color red is always a showstopper. Cinnaberry colors the Sisters’ favorite florals and paisleys in shades of cinnamon, vanilla and almond. And while we love this collection for holiday quilts and décor, these fabrics will work throughout the year. 

3 Sisters’ Holiday traditions

One weekend before Christmas the three of us get together for a Sisters’ getaway. Whether we go somewhere or have a stay-cation at one of our homes, it’s just the three of us. And there are a few things we always do – we watch our favorite holiday movies, we make our secret family recipe for caramels and we share our “sister jars”. Each of us keeps a jar that we will with notes throughout the year, reminders of moments we shared, the good and the funny, the ups and the downs. We all agree, it’s not Christmas without this time together. 

Shipping date: June 2019

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