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Examination of simple things in the most insignificant places reveal real beauty. Seeds & Stems is a collection that has been germinating in a bowl on my desk. The essence is grounded in textured shapes from the earth’s cycle of life. Each item was first found, treasured and examined for details… Seeds & Stems represents earthly delighs in a shifting scale from minute to grand that captures and holds our attention. The lines, shapes and forms are both graphic and motif driven… smooth or spikes, they hold the energy of life for the ransom of something good to come. 

The compresensive palette chosen for the collection reflects night evolving into the fresh warming light of dawn. The temperature rises to radiate the heat of the sun rays at high noon before shifting to the relief of the cooling temperatures of dusk. Like the day, the movement between the hours blends to create a composite picture. 

Seeds & Stems is a textile collection that bridges traditional fabrics and the contemporary or modern for a unique composition. The sliding scale of prints first attracts attention with dynamic prints but also prodives backgrounds and texture prints in a sliding scale from grand to minute. The dynamic movement created in the large prints is an invitation to get busy. Like the natural beauty of the earth, this collection is designed to work together completely with each piece interchangeable with all the others. Plant Seeds & Stems and watch your next creative idea grow!

Shipping date: May 2019

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