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Inspired by one of my favorite quilts, a very unique 18th Century Irish Chintz patchwork quilt that I named Ballycastle because it was purchased from a large country house in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland.
The quilt dates to 1780-1790 and each print in this collection has been lovingly reproduced to capture the detail and style of this old Irish treasure. Each print is named after a city or castle in Ireland, and the colors are similar to what they originally would have been.

Regency Ballycastle Chintz by Christopher Wilson-Tate

Regency Ballycastle Chintz by Christopher Wilson-Tate is in stores now! Watch our video and see how we made this collection ready! šŸ’™Moda Fabrics United Notions

Geplaatst door Rhinetex op Dinsdag 4 december 2018

Shipping date:Ā December 2018

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