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Privacy Policy

Version May 2018

Privacy and cookies statement Rhinetex B.V.

The website and webshop of Rhinetex B.V. process sensitive data, also referred to as personal data. Rhinetex B.V. finds it important to handle personal data carefully. Personal data is thus carefully processed and protected by us.

During processing, we abide by regulations listed in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This, among other things, means that we:

  • clearly state for which purposes we process personal data. We state this in the following privacy statement;
  • our collection of personal data is limited to only collecting personal data that is required for legitimate purposes;
  • we will first ask for your explicit consent to process your personal data in the event that your consent is required;
  • appropriate security measures are taken to protect your personal data and we also demand this from parties that are assigned by us to process personal data;
  • your right to request to review, correct or delete your personal data will be respected.

Rhinetex B.V. is the party responsible for data processing. In this privacy and cookie statement, we explain what personal data we collect and to what purpose we use them. We advise you to read these documents carefully.


Our contact information is:

Rhinetex B.V.

Maagdenburgstraat 24

7421 ZC Deventer, the Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce no.: 18.131.458

VAT no.: NL

The person responsible for the GDPR within Rhinetex is Irene Amse. She can be reached via [email protected]


Use of personal data

By using our service, you will provide us with certain data. This data might include personal data. We only use and store personal data that was provided by you personally, in the framework of the service requested by you, or of which it was clear that the data was being provided to us to process. We use the following data for the purposes listed in this privacy and cookie statement:

  • Personal data
    Your name, address, place of residence, telephone number and email address are required for delivery of your order or to contact you in relation to our service.
  • Invoice address
    Your invoice address will be used for the sending of invoices.
  • IP address
    IP addresses are only used as a last resort to impose an IP ban and also for profiling.
  • Business name
    We collect business names in order to be sure that we only supply to business clients, to address you appropriately and support our service.
  • VAT number and Chamber of Commerce number
    Your VAT number and Chamber of Commerce number are collected to make sure we only supply to business clients and also to properly process your order.




You need to register before gaining access to certain parts of our service. After registration, we store your chosen user name and the provided personal data. We store this information so you do not have to fill them out at every visit and we can contact you in the framework of the execution of this agreement, invoicing, payment and to provide an overview of our products and services that you have used or ordered.

We will not share the data connected to your user name with third parties, unless it is necessary in the framework of the execution of this agreement or if we are obligated by law. We will hand over your package to PostNL, DpD or DHL. These parties require your name and address in order to deliver the package. We advise you to read the privacy statements of said parties. Your data is not shared with countries outside the EU unless your package needs to be delivered there. PostNL, DpD or DHL need your data to deliver the package. In case there is a suspicion of fraud or unauthorised usage of our website, we can share personal data with the authorised authorities.

If you are younger than the age of 16, you need to have parental consent before creating an account.


Access webshop

In our webshop, you will gain access to the control panel where you can configure, add to or adjust your data.


Processing orders

When you place an order, we use your personal data to process said order. If necessary for proper processing, we can also share your personal data with third parties. This privacy statement will provide further details about this in the following sections.


Offers and newsletters

In addition to our website, we can use the following tools to inform you of our new products and services:

  • via email;
  • through social media;
  • by post.


We can adjust profiling by providing data, for example by showing you one of our advertisements on other websites. You consent by agreeing to cookies. The sustainability of this is discussed in the following section of this statement.


Contact form and newsletter

We offer a newsletter with which we like to inform interested parties about our products. We offer you a newsletter filled with inspiration and information about our products and offers. Each newsletter includes a link that can be used to unsubscribe.

When you use our contact form, you provide personal data. The same regulations apply to this personal data as to the data we collect during registration.


Location data

We can collect your location data (GPS) if the service requires this. You will be asked for consent at that particular moment.

(Location) data can also be stored and processed by a provider of, for example, navigation/map software, like Google Maps, but the data can also be used by, for example, Google or Apple themselves. We do not influence such procedures. We advise you to read the current privacy statement of the concerning provider.



Our service shows generic advertisements that do not collect personal data.


Sharing with third parties

Our site includes social media buttons. The administrators of these services use these to collect personal data. You can find the privacy statements of these third parties under the following links:




Youtube (Google)


In addition, Jorsoft and Powergap have access to your personal data if this is necessary to execute the service. We have data processor agreements with these third parties in order to guarantee a secured handling of your data.

We use Rapidmail to send our newsletters. We have data processor agreements with these third parties in order to guarantee a secured handling of your data.



We take security measures in order to limit unauthorised usage or access to personal data.


Third party websites

This privacy statement is not applicable to third party websites that are connected to this website through links. We cannot guarantee that thirds parties handle your personal data with care and in a secured manner. We therefore advise you to read the privacy statement of these website before using said websites.


Cookies are small data files that can be stored automatically during the visit of a website or be read out by a device (like a PC, tablet or smartphone) owned by the visitor. This feature uses the web browser of the device.

Our website uses cookies or similar technologies (for the reader’s convenience all similar techniques will be referred to in this document as ‘cookie’) to:

  • make functionalities of the website possible (technical or functional cookies);
  • analyse the usage of the website and improve the website based on this information (analytics cookies);
  • allow the visitor to directly interact with certain social media (social media cookies), and to
  • provide the visitor with (personalised) advertisements (advertisement cookies).


The data that is acquired by a cookies about your usage of the website can be transferred to our own secured servers or those of a third party. The use of social media cookies and advertisement cookies requires your prior consent. You can give your consent by clicking on our cookies notification.


Technical or functional cookies
Some cookies ensure that certain parts of the website function properly and will remember your user preferences. Cookies can be used, for example, to show fonts better, to remember your user session on the web server so you can view the website, or to remember a search term that you looked for within the website or a chosen filter.

Google Analytics cookies

We use Google Analytics in order to keep track of the way visitors use our website. The data that we acquire from this is transferred to Google together with the IP address of your computer and stored by Google on servers in the United States. We have a data processing agreement with Google in order to make agreements regarding the processing of our data. In addition, we did not allow Google to use the acquired Analytics data for any other Google services. Google can, however, share data with third parties if Google is obligated by law or if these thirds parties process the data on behalf of Google. We cannot influence such procedures. For Google Analytics’ privacy policy and more information, we refer you to: https://www.google.com/intl/nl/policies/privacy/.


Enabling and disabling cookies
You can set your browser to only accept the enabling of cookies after you have given your consent. Note: many websites do not work optimally when the cookies have been disabled.


Deleting cookies
Many cookies have an expiration date. When an expiration date is set, the cookie will automatically be deleted when the expiration date has passed. The expiration date of our cookies is 20 years at most. You can also choose to manually delete cookies before the expiration date. Please consult the manual of your browser to do so.

Adjustments in this privacy and cookies statement
We maintain the right to make adjustments to this privacy statement. It is advisable to consult this privacy statement regularly so you are aware of these adjustments.

Reviewing and adjusting your data
We respect your right to view, correct and delete your personal data. You can contact us regarding the deletion of your login data. For these and other questions about our privacy and cookies policy, questions regarding review or adjustment of your personal data, you can contact us at any time via the following information:

Rhinetex B.V.
Maagdenburgstraat 24 | 7421 ZC Deventer | The Netherlands | +31 (0)570 234 526