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New Season’s colours! As of Today, Fall has officially started, and we’re ready for some fall-restyle, ready to show you the latest ‘Fall 2017’ trends within interior lifestyle & fabrics. Starting with… the colour palette. The palette (Pantone) incorporates a sense of warmth with hues that are comforting and crucial to the seasonal feeling. 


Fall 2017 Colours – Incl. Styling Inspiration


Grenadine Colours of Fall 2017

Red will be the IT colour for fall 2017. Within red, Grenadine is the attention-getter this season, the colour of lemonade, made from pomegranate juice is a red hue that is a little bright for the fall season but that makes it even more powerful. This colour is full of energy and is cheering up your home anyway.

Pantone Grenadine Colours



Colours of Fall 2017Tawny Port

The wine-red tones will remain this fall. Powerful, elegance, spicy and with depth. If you use this tone as a secondary tone, the other colours will jump from the palette. Tawny Port is a true fall colour that brings a taste of sophistication. 




Ballet Slipper

Staying within the red family, Ballet Slipper holds a soft pink tone of which we can’t get enough. Feminism came all the way back in the world of colours & trends. This soft female touch gives a fluffy, blushing look that makes us think of nude tones. Combine with gray or blue tones and it will look perfectly. 



Butter Rum

This brown tone is derived from granite, and is toned with brown, orange and beige: caramel or camel-like with a feminine, romantic and chic looks. A perfect fall evening is filled with warmth, with a shade as evocative as drinking a glass of butter rum. 



Navy Peony

The colour of navy blue peonies. This dark blue colour combines with almost all other colours and represents the solid, anchoring shade of neutral which is an exciting alternative to black. 

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Neutral Gray

As the name says: this is a completely neutral gray that is ideal for combining. It is calm and solid an can always be looked to as an accent or statement piece. 





Shraded Spruce

This beautiful dark tone is a rich, eye-soar that explores the feeling of being in the forest, sheltered by evergreen trees and conifers. It stands for experimenting, positivity and rest. Shraded spruce is perfectly in combination with gray, pink and golden lime.



Golden Lime

Golden Lime is the fresh, golden green lime that is a variation on the Greenery, colour of the year 2017). Over the past months we saw more and more green coming into our houses. The golden undertone of this earthly shade evokes a refreshing compliment to the fall classics. 





This colour stands for romantic, dreamy, optimistic and free and is relaxed in terms of undertones. Marina brings in freshness and brightness to the fall palette, enhancing a cool vibe to your overall design. 



Autumn Maple

The colours of a maple leaf in autumn is the inspiration for the colour autumn maple. This orange-brown tone is slightly brighter than cognac and is a true fall colour: cheerful brown that belongs to the fall sun rays. It is warm, quintessential and introduces strength and pleasure. The copper tone makes the colour warm.