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New Season – New Fabrics!

We’re pleased to show you the latest released fabric lines from Moda and Windham. Although we have to wait a little bit until we can ship these pretty patterns to the stores all over Europe, we can enjoy ourselves with these sneak previews.


In this fabric line release:

  • 8 New Moda Fabric Lines, including flannels, colours, neutrals, stars, bright colours and batiks.
  • 20 New Windham Fabric Lines, including mermaids, butterflies, postcards, Aztec patterns and some romance.

Scroll down to see the latest fabric lines yourself now!


Moda – February 2018 – Fabric Line Release

Moda introduced 8 new fabric lines, including 4 new flannel groups. It’s time to cosy up! These collections will be in stores from August 2018. More Moda Future Collections? See our Future Collections page: Future Collections Moda


Corazón Flannels by Erin Michael (in stores: August 2018)


Corazon by Erin Michael

The word “corazón” is a term of endearment, which literally means “heart” in Spanish.

In the privacy of my childhood room. I created lands filled with elaborate barns and green rolling hills. My horse Corazon and I would ride together and dream the day away in our private world. I would imagine brushing his luxurious mane… winning satin ribbons… and draping him with rich, warm quilts for a saddle blanket. This group is dedicated to the love I had for Corazon and that youthful spirit that still lives in me today.




Muslin Mates 2018 by Moda (in stores: August 2018)


MuslinMates by Moda

Basics. Fundamentals. Essentials.
When it comes to fabric, these words mean the same thing: those pieces that work with everything and that you can never have enough of. Behold seven new prints for Muslin Mates 2018 and five go-to shades – White, natural, Muslin, Zen Gray and Midnight. Versatility never looked so good!




Grunge Seeing Stars by BasicGrey (in stores: August 2018)


ReturntoCubLake by Holly Taylor

They’re called near-solids but the Grunges are so much more than that! Grunge Basics lead the way in adding texture, color and interest to every manner of creative project. Debuting with 40 of Grunge’s most in demand shades. Grunge Seeing Stars provides a stellar geometric counter to the Grunge Spots. Mix them with prints and neutrals. Solids and wovens… these Stars will surely shine however u use them.




Return to Cub Lake Flannel by Holly Taylor (in stores: August 2018)


ReturntoCubLake by Holly Taylor

Fall in Minnesota is when nature is at its most glorious. Leaves changing color fills every image with vibrant warmth, while the abundant wildlife is readying for winter amidst fallen leaves and scattering pinecones. Captured on the softest of cotton flannels, the collection will keep you warm and cozy as the season change.




Wool and Needle Flannels VI by Primitive Gatherings (in stores: August 2018)


WoolAndNeedle VI by Primitive Gatherings

These new wool & Needle Flannels are so soft, so luxurious… they’re almost decadent. And the colors! Ranging from traditional neutrals like Sand, |Oatmeal and Ivy to vibrant shades of Salsa, Grape and Petunia, these printed plaids, striped, textures and solids are well suited to piecing & applique. They are also a beautiful foundation for wool applique. Treat yourself to Wool & Needle Flannels VI… you deserve it!




Country Road Flannels by Kansas Troubles Quilters (in stores: August 2018)


CountryRoadFlannels by Kansas Trouble CountryRoadFlannels by Kansas Trouble

Imagine a picture perfect spring day… you’re having a picnic with your grandkids in the yard, or maybe you’re lying on the grass watching the 4th of July fireworks under the stars. Can you see yourself sitting by a cracking fire roasting marshmallows in October? Or sipping cocoa curies up in your favorite chai admiring the Christmas tree lights? WE have a quilt for that! Our Flannel days, Starry Nights quilts are designer to go together quickly and enjoy throughout the year. Choose a light-weight throw- sans batting – layered with our wide flannel backing for spring or summer. Add cotton batting for a cuddly quilt when the weather gets a little colder in fall and winter. We have the perfect star for any season. A flannel Layer Cake can be the starting point to create lap or bed-size quilt with Crossroads and Rambling Road. Simple, strippy construction equals quick results for soft and crazy quilt for your home.




Basic Mixologie by Studio M (in stores: September 2018)


BasicMixologie by Studio M

Shake things up with a pinch of this, a dash of that and the rest is just simple, Basic Mixologie. Bursting with pops of the bright cheerful colors, these prints are playful and versatile…. Combine them to create a striking spectrum or add them to recipe that needs a little extra flair. No matter how you mix them, you’re sure to stir up some flavorful fun.




Carnival Batiks by Moda (in stores: September 2018)


CarnivalBatiks by Moda

Celebrate color with these festive batiks! “Rev up” your days with hot shades of yellow, orange and red, or “be cool” with aqua, ultramarine and indigo. Combine the two palettes and mix ain a few calming neutrals for a lively dance of color. For quilts and accessories. Carnival Batiks will make “making” fun!





Windham – Spring 2018 – Fabric Line Release

Windham released 20 new fabric lines that will be in stores from April/August 2018. More Windham Future Collections? See our Future Collections page: Future Collections Windham.


I Believe in Pink by Rosemarie Lavin (in stores: April 2018)

IBelieveInPink by Rosemarie Lavin

Celebrate the breast cancer warriors in your life with this new collection from Rosemarie Lavin Designs. This inspiring group is perfect for a thoughtful headscarf, warm lap quilt or pretty tablet case. We are proud to support all survivors and warriors with this line. A portion of all sales from this collection will be given to the Maurer Foundation. For more information on the Maurer Foundation, please visit: www.maurerfoundation.org.



Adobe by Whistler Studios (in stores: May 2018)

Adobe by Whistler Studios

This collection by Whistler Studios brings realistic southwestern scenery and artifacts to life. Create a desert themed quilt or a fun tote bag for your next hike through the Grand Canyon!



Butterfly Dance by Sally Kelly (in stores: May 2018)

ButterflyDance by Sally Kelly

Sally Kelly’s debut collection, Butterfly Dance, is a fresh and playful collection of prints inspired by a lazy, hazy summer day lying amongst the grasses of a country meadow in the English countryside. The Butterflies dance amongst the swaying grasses and trailing summer flowers creating a magical world. It is colored in bright, bold, uplifting hues to make you smile. The collection sits together in a way to create any number of enchanting creations from quilts, cushions, bedding, children’s clothing, beachwear, bags, and books. Whatever takes your fancy! There are some lovely simple prints to coordinate, border and fussy cut some of the more detailed hero prints of the collection to add that special touch.



Calling all Nurses by Whistler Studios (in stores: May 2018)

CallingAllNurses by Whistler Studios

Back by popular demand, Calling All Nurses is being re-introduced, this time with 3 new skus. Whistler Studios created the perfect nurse themed collection to celebrate the caregiver in your life. This charming collection pays tribute to all the hard working, loving and wonderful nurses out in the workforce.



JJJ Backgrounds by Jean, Julie and Jill (in stores: May 2018)

JJJBackgrounds by JJJ

JJJ Backgrounds is a unique collaboration between three established fabric designers, each well known for the use of shirtings in their commercial patterns. Windham Fabrics is pleased to present you with this nine‐ piece collection of new shirtings from Jill Shaulis of Yellow Creek Quilt Designs, Julie Hendricksen and Jeanne Horton. Classic shirtings are the glue for setting blocks and creating timeless backgrounds. They add different values and print density to a quilt and as a bonus, the scraps can always be saved for the next project. These nine prints are a mix of the designers’ personal favorites and best sellers, curated with a scrappy quilter’s needs in mind.



Jot by Heather Givans (in stores: May 2018)

Jot by Heather Givans

Jot is a new designer basic from Heather Givans of Crimson Tate. This paper themed collection includes four existing favorites pulled from two of Heather’s past collections (Literary and Paper Obsessed) and introduces 9 brand new prints. Whether you’re creating a design board, love geometric lines, or just need some fun graph paper fabric to use as a blender, this basic group is unique and versatile. Lookbook to follow shortly.



Night Hike by Heather Givans (in stores: May 2018)

NightHike by Heather Givans

Being outside in nature is one of designer Heather Givans’ favorite retreats, something she enjoyed from being a summer-camp camper and an adventure trip counselor. Night Hike echoes the beauty of the night sky, with the hope of seeing the aurora Borealis, in color and in form. In Heather’s own signature style of whimsy and textures, camp sites and lake maps, topographical lines, portraits of the night sky, as well as a flight of abundant moths and lightning bugs, this collection captures a feel of a cool evening around a campfire. 8 skus printed with metallic.



Thunder Spirit by Whistler Studios (in stores: May 2018)

ThunderSpirit by Whistler Studios

Thunder Spirit by Whistler Studios is a compact collection of traditional blanket stripe patterns. Pair the prints with skus from our Adobe group for a southwestern feel or cut up large squares for a rag quilt. Your options are endless!



BFF’s by Carolyn Gavin (in stores: June 2018)

BFFs by Carolyn Gavin

This collection inspired by designer Carolyn Gavin’s paintings of cute cats who are best friends, love hanging out and wearing colorful bohemian clothes. They play and have fun with bunnies, butterflies and hedgehogs by their side. They frolic and chase bugs and collect flowers together. This collection is a perfect fit for young kids and babies. Coordinate with nursery items, pillows and apparel. Printed on 100% certified GOTS organic cotton.



Botany by Kelly Ventura (in stores: June 2018)

Botany by Kelly Ventura

Botany by Kelly Ventura is inspired by the beauty and wildness found in nature. Delicate petal shapes, blooming perennials, tiny seedlings and vivid color all play a part in the garden variety of this collection. Fabric patterns are versatile enough to use across a range of home decor projects, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories. Detailed patterns are perfect for adding embroidered embellishments.



Gone Fishing’ by Whistler Studios (in stores: June 2018)

GoneFishin by Whistler Studios

Grab your bait and tackle and join us for a trip to our favorite lakeside fishing cabin with Gone Fishin’ by Whistler Studios. This masculine collection coordinates perfectly with several of the darker tones in our Bedrock basics collection, giving you endless opportunities for cabin quilts, pillowcases and even men’s apparel.



Mermaids by Whistler Studios (in stores: June 2018)

Mermaids by Whistler Studios

Under the sea ‐ wish we could be ‐ part of your quilting world! Deep down in the ocean blue, these fun mermaids frolic through sea plants, chase schools of fish and befriend other sea creatures. This whimsical collection from Whistler Studios combines a childhood fairytale favorite with a gentle air of maturity, for a beautiful ocean themed collection sure to be loved by all.



Romance by Whistler Studios (in stores: June 2018)

Romance by Whistler Studios

Love is in the air with Romance, by Whistler Studios. Pink, blue and lilac hummingbirds and florals are printed on white and black colorways, and accented with metallic gold. This beautiful collection is perfect for striking wall hangings and beautiful quilts that will be cherished for years to come. 15 skus printed with metallic.



Atlas Flannel by Whistler Studios (in stores: July 2018)

Atlas by Whistler Studios

Not suitable for children’s pajamas. Atlas Flannel by Another Point of View takes 15 of the best selling prints from Atlas and presents them to you on warm, soft flannel. Neutral colors and geometric shapes give this collection long lasting appeal and make for great rag quilts. Cuddle up under Atlas Flannel this winter.



Love from Paris by Whistler Studios (in stores: July 2018)

LovefromParis by Whistler Studios

Grab your passport! we’re headed to the City of Love with this new Parisian collection from Whistler Studios. Mix and match keys to the city with classic fleur-de-lis and tossed Eiffel towers for that special ‘je ne sais quoi.



Painted Jungle by Victoria Johnson (in stores: July 2018)

PaintedJungle by Victoria Johnson

Painted Jungle by Victoria Johnson is based on four of the designers collaged paintings of jungle animals. Victoria kept the shapes very simple and modern to emphasize texture. The animals are sweet and friendly and the palette is sunny and bright – perfect for both boys and girls. This fabric would make a lovely quilt, diaper bag or even curtains in a child’s room.



Sussex by Nancy Gere (in stores: July 2018)

Sussex by Nancy Gere

This beautiful traditional collection by Nancy Gere features a rich palette of rose, charcoal and grey which makes for stunning quilts. Blooming flowers, great ditzies and background prints make this collection a must have.



Cubby Bear (in stores: August 2018)

CubbyBear Flannel by Whistler Studios

This flannel collection of adorable animals, cat loving fairies and alphabet letters was designed by Whistler Studios with your next baby quilt in mind. Whether you’re gifting a child their first quilt or teaching the next generation to sew, this cozy flannel is the perfect group to use.



Silo (in stores: August 2018)

Silo by Whistler Studios

We’re back down on the farm with this collection by Whistler Studios. A fantastic farm scenic all over print featuring silos, roaming cows, and a picturesque farmhouse will let you live out your idyllic farmhouse dreams.



Storybook Ranch by MYKT (in stores: August 2018)

Storybook Ranch by MY KT

Howdy ya’ll! Join our happy group of cowboys and cowgirls on the Windham Fabrics ranch. This collection by Whistler Studios features a round up of conversationals and flowers that will make you say yippee‐ki-yay! We’re back with our favorite 1930’s storybook prints of rocking horses, rose bandana’s, spurs, playful pigs and more. This collection definitely has that giddy-up for all of your storybook project needs.



These fabric lines are available for order. Please contact your sales representative or sales@rhinetex.com.