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Moda has released 16 new collections of fabric! 

This Pre-market release is existing of many bright and happy prints for the next summer. Flowers, sweet colours, batiks and traditional prints.  Scroll down and see the newest fabric collections of your favorite designers, including: 3 Sisters, American Jane, Brenda Riddle, Corey Yoder, French General, Gingiber, Jo Morton, Mara Penny, Me & My Sister Designs, Minick & Simpson, Primitive Gatherings, Sherri & Chelsi and Zen Chic

The collections will be shipped between February and March 2020 and are all available for order now! 


February 2020

Bramble Cottage – Brenda Riddle Designs

To live in a cottage or farmhouse surrounded by flower gardens and cozy soft colors is a dream of mine. No matter where you might live, being able to bring some softness into our daily lives is a way of taking a deep breath, of welcoming tranquility and comfort. With fresh colorways of linen white, willow, mist, pebble, and blossom, Bramble Cottage envelops these airy, fresh, cozy feels for your home, and to share with those you love. Inspired by spring and early summer when the buds have blossomed and everything feels fresh and new.  

More about this collection? Click here: Bramble Cottage by Brenda Riddle Designs

Fiddle Dee Dee by Me & My Sister Designs

Have you ever felt like letting all your daily worries melt away with three simple words? Fiddle Dee Dee! Not a care in the world and the future looks bright! Fun, bright and colorful prints that just say happy! 

Fiddle Dee Dee.. It was Meant to Be 

More about this collection? Click here: Fiddle Dee Dee by Me & My Sister Designs

Maui Batiks by Moda

Maui is a tropical paradise known for diverse landscapes – volcanos, lush plants and beaches. The colors and prints in this collection of batiks have the same variety – shades of blue and aqua for the water and beaches, purple for the volcanic rocks, and pink, yellow, orange and green for for a bouquet of tropical flowers.  

More about this collection? Click here: Maui Batiks by Moda

Mackinac Island by Minick & Simpson

Mackinac Island is a bucket list destination, a beautiful island with old-world charm that can only be reached by boat. Filled with Victorian homes, horse-drawn carriages and a past rich with history dating back to the Revolutionary War, it’s a place you never want to leave. This new collection is inspired by all these things – crystal clear blues reflect the water of Lake Michigan and contrast with the reds and pinks of the ubiquitous geraniums. They’re set against the crisp whites of the Grand Hotel. And we couldn’t have a Mackinac Island collection without patriotic stars and stripes. 

Mackinac Island by Minick & Simpson for Moda Fabrics - Swatches
More about this collection? Click here: Mackinac Island by Minick & Simpson

Indigo Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings

Blue and white is my favorite color combination in quilts – making them and collecting them. No matter the block or the setting, the quilts are timeless, appealing to traditional and modern quilters. Indigo Gatherings colors my favorite vintage-inspired prints in multiple shades of deep blue. The same blues are put on cream and white backgrounds for a beautifully crisp look. So let’s start stitching up a classic quilt.

More about this collection? Click here: Indigo Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings

Summer Sweet by Sherri & Chelsi

Summer Sweet is a delightful collection of whimsical florals in a variety of sizes with coordinating print basics. Petite daisy prints embody the transition from Spring to Summer when the weather is perfect and everything is in bloom. Several two-color prints add variety to this happy group. The colors bring the early days of Summer to mind – the warmth of yellow and soft orange mix with coral and red, and are cooled by shades of blue, aqua, gray and green. It’s a rainbow of summer delight – a lovely invitation to enjoy the sweetest time of year. 

More about this collection? Click here: Summer Sweet by Sherri & Chelsi

Just Red by Zen Chic

Red is so many things… bold and beautiful like crimson rose petals, summery like a patch of strawberries, as much fun as a child’s ball, and as deep as the warmest fire. Just Red brings you everything this versatile and diverse color scheme has to offer, and more. This collection is a journey into red with lighter, softer pinks and white, as well as more saturated hues like a popping orange and a pink that demands to be seen and heard. A dark, muted burgundy rounds out the collection and creates a complete range of tones, offering a captivating depth from light hues, to mid-tones, into a darker color that creates a soft, harmonious look. Just Red was designed with large-scale floral prints, medium-scale geometric patterns, as well as smallscale blenders, and the addition of little splashes of gold brings an elegant, fanciful feel to the prints. Just imagine such a quilt on a red velvet couch, or perhaps strawberry reds combined with white for a garden quilt on a summer’s day, or a fun and youthful creation with pale and popping pink for a young girl. The possibilities with Just Red are as endless as the color itself.

More about this collection? Click here: Just Red by Zen Chic

March 2020

Rue 1800 by 3 Sisters

In a quiet corner of Paris, not far from the banks of the Seine, there is a lovely apartment building that embodies the spirit of the city, especially in the spring. It’s been said that Paris is for changing your outlook, for throwing open the windows and letting in la vie en rose. Roses. And pink. 

More about this collection: Click here: Rue 1800 by 3 Sisters

Good Times by American Jane

Good Times are those happy moments when we are doing something we love – going on a picnic or vacation, going sailing, having a party, making popcorn, playing games with family and friends, or getting lost in a good book or movie. It’s also making a quilt. Whether we go easy on ourselves by starting with a panel, or embrace the challenge of new blocks in a Block of the Month, “good times” are about making every day count by filling it will happiness.  

More about this collection? Click here: Good Times by American Jane

Canning Day by Corey Yoder

There is nothing as sweetly remembered as Grandma’s kitchen and the companionship shared. Whether it was sweet tea and cookies in the afternoon, sour cream and onion chips on a Sunday night, or a freshly opened jar of homemade vegetable soup served with fresh-baked bread, those memories stick with you. Canning Day remembers the bonds forged by time snapping green beans, shelling peas, de-silking corn, peeling peaches, slicing pears or preparing any other number of fruits and vegetables for the pressure cooker. Often times this happened in a steamy kitchen, amid the sights of brightly colored aprons, pretty fabric jar covers, charming table cloths, and so much laughter. This collection evokes the nostalgia of those days – full of sweet flowers, colors, and happiness. 

“Plant kindness, gather love”  

More about this collection? Click here: Canning Day by Corey Yoder

Le Beau Papillon by French General

Le Beau Papillon is a pretty floral collection inspired by butterflies. Spending our summers in France is one of our favorite ways of slowing down. It’s where we spend as much time outside as possible, enjoying gardens, fields of lavender and long walks down country roads. Inspired by those lazy afternoons in the garden with tall glasses of lemonade and lots of colorful butterflies, this collection is filled with prints that can be mixed and matched to make up a beautiful quilt or two, and don’t forget some pretty pillows for the garden bench. 

More about this collection? Click here: Le Beau Papillon by French General

Lancaster by Jo Morton

Forever in love with 19th Century Quilts, my Lancaster collection fills the bill to add another color layer to our quilts. Lancaster provides beautiful prints for traditional and reproduction quilts, including madder reds and golds that give life to the 19th century browns, blacks and neutrals. These fabrics feature a great “momma bear” stripe that’s not too big, not too small, that’s just right, lovely florals, and a cool little dot print. There are also leaves and buds, a few interesting background prints and a sweet small check will be perfect for traditional quilts 

More about this collection? Click here: Lancaster by Jo Morton

Pacific Wanderings by Mara Penny

Inspired by the magnificent Pacific Ocean and the four lucky states whose coasts kiss her waters – California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington – the rugged beauty of the Pacific region invites us to get outside and seek adventure! The landscape varies wildly – lush tropics, arid deserts, majestic redwood forests, bountiful vineyards, snowy mountain peaks, breathtaking cliffs and sandy beaches. Each state in Pacific Wanderings individually represented as an illustrated map replete with hand-lettered cities and popular state sights and attractions. An additional panel highlights each state’s official bird and flower.

More about this collection? Click here: Pacific Wanderings by Mara Penny

Regent Street Lawns by Moda

“I must have flowers, always, always” (Monet). The ephemeral and the permanent. In a garden or a vase, in pictures or paintings, flowers bring beauty into our lives. And when the prettiest florals are printed on silky-soft, high-thread-count cotton lawn, we can have flowers for our clothing, bags, pillows and quilts. 

Love is a flower, you’ve got to let it grow. – John Lennon 

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