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Moda has released 15 new collections of fabric! 

This March release is existing of many bright and happy prints. Animals, sweet colours, beachy and traditional prints. The Chafarcani is the highlight of this release. French General is celebrating 10 years of designing fabric collections for Moda. Mara Penny is Moda’s newest designer, she designed Desert Song, a collection inspired by the beautiful desert of the American Southwest. Scroll down and see the newest fabric collections of your favorite designers, including: American Jane, Brenda Riddle, Bunny Hill Designs, Corey Yoder, Gingiber, Jo Morton, Kathy Schmitz, Kate & Birdie, Me & My Sister Designs, Minick & Simpson, Sherri & Chelsi, Stacy Iest Hsu and Sweetwater. 

The collections will be shipped between September and October 2019 and are all available for order now! 

September 2019

The Print Shop – Sweetwater

PDF Fabric Collection 

The print shop. I’m not quite sure if these even exist any longer. Our small town print shop closed its doors years ago when the internet took over our daily communication. I used to love going there—the smell of the ink, the large machines humming, and all that paper stacked from floor to ceiling. This collection was inspired by those shops. The designs are very striking and include lots of words and simple shapes. We were tempted to only use black and white, but decided a shot of red never hurt! We also included our few favorite neutral, khaki, to soften things up a bit. While we love all the colors together, we think the fabric in this collection would make beautiful red and white or black and white quilts! We can’t wait to get started…

Swatches The Print Shop by Sweetwater
More about this collection? Click here: The Print Shop by Sweetwater

Safari Life – Stacy Iest Hsu

PDF Fabric Collection

Wide open plains, lions sitting under a shade tree trying to keep cool, elephants at a watering hole, zebras grazing, and giraffes plucking leaves from the highest branch. This is Safari Life.
Safari Life is a collection that was inspired by all things in Africa, from its warm colors of burnt orange, yellow, and gray-brown scenery to its textures and pattern of the local wildlife. The prints range from hand drawn animals, block printing, and abstract artwork-all reflecting the African culture and wildlife. Also included in this collection are two cut-and-sew panels. The first is a cut-and-sew book with fun flaps to open and adorable finger puppets to play with. The second panel has a variety of cut-and-sew safari animals like an elephant, zebra, lion, and giraffe. Your little ones will have endless hours of fun playing with these cute stuffed animals.

Swatches Safari by Stacy Iest Hsu
More about this collection? Click here: Safari Life by Stacy Iest Hsu

Good Day – Me & My Sister Designs

PDF Fabric Collection

Make every day a GOOD Day! Fun flowers with lots of happy dots are sure to brighten any day. Add in a small colorful birdie and a plaid and you’ve got a recipe for happiness! Make all your days good ones!

Swatches GoodDay by Me and My Sister Designs
More about this collection? Click here: Good Day by Me & My Sister Designs

Home – Kathy Schmitz

PDF Fabric Collection

When I was a little girl, my Grandpa Bert had a farm that was the most magical place to me. While the old farmhouse was rather humble, it holds some of my favorite childhood memories. Being a lover of all things in miniature, I was fascinated by the honey bees he kept. I imagined what a wonderful house I could make out of those beehives! There were so many places to play as a child and I was tickled to find a bird’s nest. On rare occasions, I could peek inside the nest and see tiny speckled eggs. When I think of the places that feel like home, the farm always comes to mind.
Drawing these memories with pen and ink has added a subtle texture to the artwork that I love. I also chose to eliminate borders on the images in the panel to make them easier to cut to the sizes needed for quilts and banners, stitcheries, and every manner of project.

Swatches Home by Kathy Schmitz
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Shelbyville – Jo Morton

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Life’s a journey, not a race.
This collection fits my favorite way to sew and make quilts—a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It’s all about the mix of colors and prints, mixing the old with the new. Shelbyville is basics-and-blenders, fabrics that can stand on their own but whose best feature is how well the colors work with my past collection

Swatches Shelbyville by Jo Morton
More about this collection? Click here: Shelbyville by Jo Morton

Finnegan – Brenda Riddle Design

PDF Fabric Collection

Like a breath of fresh air, Finnegan is filled with fresh, soft hues that wrap you in cozy comfort. Inspired by vintage fabrics and wallpapers, the prints are classic and fresh, with colors and prints that reflect the crisp air of spring.
Finnegan embraces an airy linen-white and the soft hues of sky, sprout, lilac, yellow, and pink. They’re grounded by a warm pebble grey, so they’re ready to inspire you to create cozy treasures for your home and those you love.

Swatches Finnegan by Brenda Riddle Design
More about this collection? Click here: Finnegan by Brenda Riddle Designs

Bubble Pop by American Jane

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Bubbles in the air floating here and there. Shining red and green, they sparkle when catch the sunlight and then…pop! They’re gone and can’t be seen.
Black and white ribbons blowing on six primary colors are joined by six four-in-one panels with basic prints in two-color shades. If you want your quilts to have some sparkle that won’t disappear, Bubble Pop! Will surely make that happen.

AmericanJane Swatches BubblePop
More about this collection? Click here: Bubble Pop! by American Jane

My Redwork Garden by Bunny Hill Designs

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With classic colors, and a charming, fresh look, My Redwork Garden is the perfect collection for so many projects! From romantic to modern country, these fabrics are fun and sure to become an essential in your shop.
Offer a sampler quilt with piecing, applique, and embroidery, or inspire your customers with mini quilts that group together for a wonderful display of wall art. Try our cross stitch mini for a classic stitchery, decorate a table with our Jelly Roll table topper, tuck a few cottages on a shelf, and add a chicken pincushion for the perfect finish.
Designed for fun, I hope your customers love this collection. Take a walk through my garden, and you’ll be glad you did!

October 2019

Harper’s Garden – Sherri & Chelsi

PDF Fabric Collection

A childhood butterfly garden kit and a neighbor’s garden inspired a lifelong love of color, flowers, creative expression, exploration, and curiosity. Named after Chelsi’s daughter, Harpers Garden mixes beautiful floral prints and geometric basics to make a collection that captures that spirit and inspires creativity. 
Delicate butterflies flutter trough a field of flowers, while a variety of medium- and small-scale prints mixing flowers, vines, circles, and geranium red mixed with taupe, green, blue, navy, and cream to embody a happy springtime array.

Swatches Harpers Garden by Sherri and Chelsi
More about this collection? Click here: Harper’s Garden by Sherri & Chelsi

Northport by Minick & Simpson

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Summer days at the beach—they’re some of my favorite memories of growing up in Michigan. When I think of those long, sunny days, I think of soft reds and blues in vintage-looking florals, and I think of the plaids and stripes of summer shirts and shorts.
This softer, almost faded color palette was somewhat inspired by the fabrics I used for my little Good Boy Quilt. Those fabrics were pulled from past collections and the look was so appealing, we used it to inspire Northport.

Swatches Northport by Minick and Simpson
More about this collection? Click here: Northport by Minick & Simpson

Desert Song – Mara Penny (NEW Designer!)

PDF Fabric Collection

The Desert Song Collection was inspired by beautiful deserts of the American Southwest, focusing on four states: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The diversity of the flora and fauna of each state is showcased amidst abstract patterns that celebrate the native history of the region.

Each state is also represented individually as an illustrated map replete with hand-lettered cities and popular state sights and attractions. An additional panel highlights each state’s official bird and flower.

Swatches Desert Song by Mara Penny
More about this collection? Click here: Desert Song by Mara Penny

Wonder – Kate & Birdie

PDF Fabric Collection

Step inside a magically marvelous world of childlike wonder, where curiosity and imagination reign. Search hidden secret gardens and explore the twinkle of starlight in the deep of outer space. Find your way through enchanted forests and a sea of carnival balloons. Little ones will be soothed by a sweet rainbow of soft teals, mints, linens, and peachy pinks in this gentle collection filled with Kate & Birdie’s signature imagery.

More about this collection? Click here: Wonder by Kate & Birdie

Bramble – Gingiber

PDF Fabric Collection

Bramble is Gingiber’s latest woodland creature celebration! Featuring deer, raccoons, squirrels, and hedgehogs, this gender-neutral fabric line has your favorite Gingiber blenders and background fabrics combined with the sweetest illustrated panels.

Swatches Bramble by Gingiber
More about this collection? Click here: Bramble by Gingiber

Sugarcreek – Corey Yoder

PDF Fabric Collection

“Where we love is home.” Named after my childhood home, the words mean so much to me that I’ve put them on the selvage of Sugarcreek. 
Full of warm florals, dots, and stripes, this collection builds on my signature color palette-sunny shades of coral, pink, yellow, blue, green, and of course, grey. My childhood home was just down the road from the Sugar Creek, the namesake for the village of Sugarcreek, Ohio. It’s a small town and one where many conversations begin with “now, who are your mom and dad?” , or “Aren’t so-and-so your grandparents?” “Where did you say you went to church?” was another common question. It’s the kind of place where the vegetable gardens are big, the farms are even bigger, and hearts are the biggest of all.
It is always my hope that my fabrics bring warmth and joy to your soul and a smile to your face. I am very excited to introduce you to Sugarcreek… it’s a little piece of my heart.

Swatches Sugarcreek by Corey Yoder
More about this collection? Click here: Sugarcreek by Corey Yoder

Chafarcani – French General

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To celebrate 10 years of designing fabric collections for Moda, we introduce our latest collection, Chafarcani. Introduced to France in the 17th century, from Turkey and other areas of the Ottoman Empire, Chafarcani prints were typically small red and white designs printed on linen and often used as lining fabric for clothing. This collection-with the classic French General reds, pearls, neutrals and just a touch of black—create a beautiful group of fabric similar to our first collection with Moda, Rouenneries.