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Moda has released 22 new collections of fabric! 

This January release is existing of all sorts of Holiday themed collections. Halloween as well as Christmas traditions were the inspiration for designers 3 Sisters, Annie Brady, BasicGrey, Bonnie & Camille, Deb Strain, Fig Tree & Co, French General, Holly Taylor, Kansas Troubles, Kate Spain, Lella Boutique, Robin Pickens, Sandy Gervais, Stacy Iest Hsu, Sweetwater and Urban Chiks. Have your sneak-preview here and don’t forget to check out the PDF’s with all the information needed. 

The collections will be shipped between June and July 2019 and are all available for order now! 

June 2019

Wovens – Bonnie & Camille

PDF Fabric Collection 

We love plaids. And dots. And stripes, of course! Doesn’t everybody? On their own or mixed with our favorite prints, our new woven collection adds texture and dimension in a refreshing way to all of your Bonnie & Camille projects. Perfect for picnics, everyday quilts, Christmas quilts and everything else, our ovens coordinate beautifully with all of our fabric collections. And when they’re paired with Bonnie & Camille Basics, they really shine/ Woven fabrics have the modern-traditional look we both love and designing a line that coordinates with our fabrics has been on ur wishlist for too long! We couldn’t love these silky woven more! 

Swatches Bonnie Camille Wovens
More about this collection? Click here: Wovens – Bonnie & Camille

Cinnaberry – 3 Sisters

PDF Fabric Collection

Brighten the winter season with vivid red! Whether it’s set against a snowy landscape or a grey wintery day, the 3 Sisters know that the color red is always a showstopper. Cinnaberry colors the Sisters’ favorite florals and paisleys in shades of cinnamon, vanilla and almond. And while we love this collection for holiday quilts and décor, these fabrics will work throughout the year. 

Swatches Cinnaberry by 3 Sisters
More about this collection? Click here: Cinnaberry – 3 Sisters

Fish Tales – Annie Brady

PDF Fabric Collection

As a child, I used to spend long hot summer days at my Grandfather’s shore house: boating, fishing off the pier, swimming in the bay, imagining other worlds in the depth’s of the water. This was a world where I had gills and fins and shining scales for skin. I would spend hours splashing around, swimming mermaid style, searching for lost treasure on the seafloor. This bright and fun collection is for all the other water babies out there. The coordinating mix of prints is perfect for quilting, handcrafts, kids clothing and home furnishing decor. 

Swatches Fish Tales by Annie Brady
More about this collection? Click here: Fish Tales – Annie Brady

Holiday Lodge – Deb Strain

PDF Fabric Collection

Home is where the holiday heart is. Mixing checks with snowflakes, text prints with snowflakes, bears and reindeers, Holiday Lodge brings rustic elegance to your home decor. Use the panel for a quilt, for a quick gift bag, and framed art.

Swatches Holiday Lodge by Deb Strain
More about this collection? Click here: Holiday Lodge – Deb Strain

Kringle & Claus – BasicGrey

PDF Fabric Collection

With the perfect blend of nostalgia, whimsical charm and contemporary elegance, Kringle & Claus will make all your projects jolly & bright. Rich florals, vintage ornaments and classic icons in wintery shades of spearmint green, glacial blue, black coal and crimson mingle together with a dusting warm white to remind us all to cherish this most wonderful time of the year! 

Swatches Kringle & Claus by BasicGrey
More about this collection? Click here: Kringle & Claus – BasicGrey

Little Tree – Lella Boutique

PDF Fabric Collection

There is a magical charm in the air at Christmas – a fresh blanket of snow, a snow-kissed tree decorated with flowers and ribbon, and plenty of snuggles in handmade quilts. This little tree collection is a piece of my heart. With it, you can deck your halls and beds in sweet poetry, red and white poinsettias, mistletoe, farmhouse stripes, embossed tin, and of course… little trees.

Swatches Little Tree by Lella Boutique
More about this collection? Click here: Little Tree – Lella Boutique

Merry Starts Here – Sweetwater

PDF Fabric Collection

Where does your “Merry” start? Maybe it’s the day after Thanksgiving with the rush of the crowds. Or it might be pulling out a cherished ornament from childhood and placing it on the tree. For many of us, it’s the time spent creating Christmas for the people we love. From baking the perfect sugar cookies to stitching a one-of-a-kind family Christmas quilt, our “merry” starts with “making”. We created our “Merry Starts Here” collection in that spirit. It’s perfect for all those things we love to create for Christmas – stockings, table runners, gifts and of course, quilts. We love the traditional colors of red and green combined with the modern prints. Our “merry” definitely starts here. 

Swatches Merry Starts Here by Sweetwater
More about this collection? Click here: Merry Starts Here – Sweetwater

Splendid – Robin Pickens

PDF Fabric Collection

Nature celebrates Christmas with Splendor! The pops of red signal the season is here. Red berries adorn the greenery. Bright Cardinals dance among snowy branches. Poinsettias bloom with deep and rich color. Intricate snowflakes add lace to the scenery. Everywhere nature is decorating with rich color and design. That’s why this line is called Splendid. Nature IS Splendid. And you don’t have to go far to enjoy it! Just a trip outside will reunite you with the deep dark sky, the crisp pine needles, snowy dusting of the ground and winter birds signing joyful songs. Nature celebrates. And we celebrate with her, bringing in a touch of the grand red and the decorations of winter. We look forward to time with loved ones as we decorate and listen to Christmas music while we trim the tree with tiny lights, red sparkly baubles and glinstering ornaments. Outside it is just as magical, just as grand. With Splendid I wanted to capture that feeling of color and richness. In my quilts I wanted designs that would show off the splendor of the deep red poinsettias and the bright lively Cardinals. My quilts include a range of sizes to showcase large prints while bringing in decorative framing that is fitting for the holidays. Whether you are making a bed quilt to slumber away in sweet Christmas Eve dreams or a special lap quilt to decorate the couch or wall, I hope the nature inspired holiday theme brings you joy and feels…splendid!

Swatches Splendid by Robin Pickens
More about this collection? Click here: Splendid – Robin Pickens

Sweet Christmas – Urban Chiks

PDF Fabric Collection

Dressed to the nines in his best top hat, scarf and mittens, this jolly snowman is sure to delight this magical time of the year. With his pink cheeks and button nose, this winter fellow was the inspiration for Sweet Christmas. Peppermint polka dots and candy canes mix with poinsettias and bows to make this the Sweetest Christmas yet!

Swatches Sweet Christmas by UrbanChiks
More about this collection? Click here: Sweet Christmas – Urban Chiks

Kansas Troubles Favorites 2019

PDF Fabric Collection – not available yet

Keep it simple. That’s my motto for designing fabrics and making quilts. My goal is to feature colors and prints in fabric collections from one year to the next that blend effortlessly for beautifully scrappy quilts. I’ve enjoyed playing with this new assortment of classic KT fabrics to create quilts using traditional piecing (or my Layered Patchwork method) that are fast and fun to stitch. This collection includes my go-to prints from previous lines that blend and enhance the fall and spring lines. KT’s newest collection of favorites is the best yet with precut layer cakes and jelly rolls in all tan prints. Who doesn’t need more backgrounds? Add KT favorites 2019 to your fabric stash and you’ll never run out of the perfect KT color for your next project. 

July 2019

Frosted Flannel – Holly Taylor

PDF Fabric Collection

We’ve taken a few of our favorite winter images, painted them in rich hues and brought them to life on super-soft cotton flannels. Enjoy snowshoes and snowmen, skis and leads while bundled up in a cozy quilt – or take it outside with a cup of hot chocolate. The Frosted Forest panel features six different scenes to mix with five coordinating prints for quilts and accessories. 

Swatches Frosted Flannel by Holly Taylor
More about this collection? Click here: Frosted Flannel – Holly Taylor

All Hallow’s Eve – Fig Tree & Co

PDF Fabric Collection

This is Halloween with a bit of Fig Tree flair and it’s all about those All Hallow’s Eve’s of long ago. Colors and prints that feel vintage, soft and romantic and yet when brought together are a perfect blend of a classic Halloween. An eclectic mix of oranges, grey & blacks, these are a collection of our favorites from throughout the years. When separated, they are perfect blenders for dozens of other projects but when brought together… “something wicked this way comes”. Happy Halloween my friends! 

Swatches All Hallows Eve by Fig Tree & Co
More about this collection? Click here: All Hallow’s Eve – Fig Tree & Co

Aurora – Kate Spain

PDF Fabric Collection

Bundle up, it’s a blizzard of wintery fun! Track footprints in the snowy tundra to discover polar bears, deer and bunnies in their glacial paradise. Deck your igloo with festive poinsettia and greenery and delight as the frosted night sky is illuminated with shooting stars. “Aurora” evokes the calm contrasts of winter in colors of berry red, pine green, icy grey, glacier aqua and midnight blue. Brave the cold, put on your creative boots and enjoy exploring of all that this collection offers! 

Swatches Aurora by Kate Spain
More about this collection? Click here: Aurora – Kate Spain

Fleur de Noel – French General

PDF Fabric Collection

This sweet small collection of fabric was inspired by a holiday we spent in France for a wedding years ago. The bride wore a beautiful pearl silk dress with a red velvet cape and icy grey diamonds – so elegant! Our new collection, Fleur de Noel includes the cool grey combined with the classic reds and naturals – the perfect palette for your holiday quilts, stocking and tree ornaments 

Swatches Fleur de Noel by FrenchGeneral
More about this collection? Click here: Fleur de Noël – French General

Hallo Harvest – BasicGrey

PDF Fabric Collection

BasicGrey is back with a fanciful fright. Hallo-Harvest is full of autumn oranges, eerie greens and just enough black to make you scream! Skulls, bones and spiders too, we’re sure there is something just for you. Beware the bats in their moonlit flight as you wander in disguise with such delight. Skeletons lurk and fall festivities are in full swing for everyone knows it’s Halloween! Eat, drink and be scary! 

Swatches Hallo Harvest by BasicGrey
More about this collection? Click here: Hallo Harvest – BasicGrey

Oh What Fun – Sandy Gervais

PDF Fabric Collection

Dashing through a whimsical collection of treasured holiday symbols, Oh What Fun will put merry in your Christmas. Garlands, wreaths, and prints keep company with a partridge in a pear tree, a bear in a Christmas sweater, and a dog driving a truck loaded with a Christmas tree. A delightful text print wishes you a merry Christmas. For pillows and gift bags, quilts and holiday decor – Oh What Fun will make your holiday spirits bright! 

Swatches Oh What Fun by Sandy Gervais
More about this collection? Click here: Oh What Fun – Sandy Gervais

Snow Day – Stacy Iest Hsu

PDF Fabric Collection

Snow Day!! There is nothing better than warm sweathers, snow ball fights and making the ultimate snowman. With a fresh layer of snow, the possibilities are endless. Snow Day is a collection inspired by winter time fun and games. With its bright colors and whimsical illustrations of winter sweaters, snowmen and snow globes, this collection is sure to get your excited for all the snow fu

Swatches Snow Day by Stacy Iest Hsu
More about this collection? Click here: Snow Day – Stacy Iest Hsu

Thankful – Deb Strain

PDF Fabric Collection

For many of us, thanksgiving has come to mean a day of coming together as family and friends, and expressing gratitude for our blessings. Combining the beauty of fall colors with the motifs of the harvest season, thankful is a celebration of giving thanks. 

Swatches - Thankful by Deb Strain
More about this collection? Click here: Thankful – Deb Strain

Winter Manor – Holly Taylor

PDF Fabric Collection

Surround yourself with traditional colors and prints this Christmas. Red flowers and berries are accented by pines and winter greenery in prints and a panel. Simple quilts and projects enhance the richness of the collection.

More about this collection? Click here: Winter Manor – Holly Taylor

Cardinal Song Metallic – Moda

PDF Fabric Collection

Pine Trees. Holiday berries. Poinsettias. Vibrant red winter birds. Sparkling gold accents. Each of these things makes us think of the holidays and celebrating the season. Rendered in classic Christmas colors of Crimson, Evergreen, Ebony and Cream, Cardinal Song Metallic will bring a bit of opulence to your decor with pillows, table-runners and gift bags. 

More about this collection? Click here: Cardinal Song – Moda

Forest Frost Glitters – Moda

PDF Fabric Collection

Feel the cold, crisp air as you surround yourself with the images and colors of an icy winter landscape. Pine branches, snowflakes and a village glitter with silver metallic on backgrounds of snow, icicle and night sky. Winter birds and red berries stand out in beautiful contrast to the frosty palette. 

More about this collection? Click here: Forest Frost Glitters – Moda

Gradients – Moda

PDF Fabric Collection

Gradients Holiday prints are digitally created and printed on 100% cotton. These prints stand alone as their own dramatic piece of art just waiting to be used in your holiday decor for throws, table covers, tree skirts, wall hangings and more! The 60” panels are a dream come true as a whole-cloth quilts and for those who enjoyed thread-work and thread painting. 

Swatches Gradients by Moda
More about this collection? Click here: Gradients – Moda