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Moda just released the “August/Pre-Market 2018” collections. See the newest lines from 3 Sisters, Bonnie & Camille, Stacy Iest Hsu, French General, Kate Spain and Many more great designers! Have your sneak-preview and don’t forget to check out the PDF’s with all the information needed. The release has 16 brand new collections and these collections will be shipped in January and February 2019. All available for order now.


February 2019

Porcelain by 3 Sisters

PDF Collection Overview

Porcelain by 3Sisters Moda

In Europe, porcelain is defined as a fine, white ceramic known for its strength and beauty. Throughout the world, porcelain has been adorned with beautiful painted prints, often in floral motifs. So when the 3 Sisters created their latest collection of romantic florals in shades of white, blossom pink, silver gray and mist, the name Porcelain just fit. Paisley mix with stripes and delicate vines complement Jacobean florals to inspire quilts, accessories and home decor that makes a beautiful statement.


Little Snippets by Bonnie & Camille

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-02 LittleSnippets by BonnieandCamille Moda

Those little snippets of fabric left after you put the finishing touches on a new favorite quilt are always hard to part with aren’t they? There is something darling about those little quilty scraps! This collection was inspired by some hard to part with little snippets-those quilting memories we didn’t want to let go. With several gorgeous florals a Bonnie measuring tape print,little scissors on the selvage, quilt blocks and dots- of course!- these little snippets are sure to steal your heart. Now you’ll want to hang on to even the finest piece.


Coco by Chez Moi

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-02 Coco by ChezMoi Moda

Coco Chanel wrote that “in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

Chez Moi has always embraced that notion, creating distinctive prints and color palettes that are anything but ordinary. Bold, lush, femine and different. For home décor, accesoiries, quilts and more, create your own style with Coco.


Land that I Love by Deb Strain

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-02 LandThatILove by DebStrain Moda

Farm life and American pride seem to go hand-in-hand in the United States. Whether it be a patriotic flag painted on an old barn or a vintage truck with a flag on the back, patriotism is a part of life in the country. This new collection is not just for the 4th of july,  it can be displayed all year long. It reflects sentiments that we were raised with, whether we’re from the city, the suburbs or the country . Taking “farmhouse style” to the next step, this group combines love of country and this land that I love.


Hickory Road by Jo Morton

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-02 HickoryRoad by Jo Morton Moda

Happiness is an inside job!

What’s not to lover-classic prints in shades of indigo, chocolate brown, brick red, tan and cream. The lovely pearl stripe  and two tossed floral motifs are perfect for using in our traditional quilts, settings and the borders… they might be my favorite part of hickory road.


Walkabout by Sherri & Chelsi

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-02 Walkabout by SherriandChelsi Moda

Walkabout is a delightful collection of eight different designs in seven colors: cream, geranium, red navy, soft taupe, leaf green, soft coral and medium blue.,

The collection has four different floral prints in sizes ronging from the petitesized dainty bloorns print to the larger focal desert garden design; these inspiring florals combine with fun and whimsical geometric.


Best Friends Forever by Stacy Iest Hsu

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-02 BestFriendsForever by StacyIestHsu Moda

Best friends forever celebrates friendship. With bright colors and whimsical prints, you can`t help but smile! Ponies, rainbows, pinwheels and flowers are just a few of the prints i`ve drawn for this everything girly’collection. There is a panel with four  dolls and their pets, and another with a three-dimensional house. All that’s needed for endless hours of play is a little imagination and love.


Sweet Tea by Sweetwater

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-02 SweetTea by Sweetwater Moda

Ah…. Sweet summertime! It’s a time to relax on a porch swing while sipping a cold glass of freshly brewed “sweet tea” when I daydream my perfect world would usually include sitting on the front porchof an old farmhouse somewehere down south enjoying a glass of tea. Notice I said tea- beceause the reality is that I’m a Colorado girl and there isn’t any authentic “sweet tea”in sight. No matter what your of choice is. Let this sweet tea fabric collection inspire you to relax a bit and create a beautiful quilt to sit beside you.


Star & Stripe Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-09 StarAndStripeGatherings by PrimitiveGatherings Moda

Star & stripe gatherings is a patriotic collection of small-scale vintage-inspired prints. True Americana colors sparkle to remind me of summer days with backyards parties, picnics on the lawn and parades down the main street of town. From treasured memories to the anticipation of new celebrations, these fabrics and the projects in the book of the same title – share my love.


March 2019

Sweet Harmony by American Jane

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-03 SweetHarmony AmericanJane-01

My soul is fed by needle. Thread and wagons in red. Tin toys and things like spinning tops. Rubber balls. Sailing boats and little chairs make my heart sing. Pin dots and polka dots, starts and grids in my favourite fcrayon colors blend with the softer tones of vintage prints in Sweet Harmony. Doesn’t it make you want to sing to?


Growing Beautiful by Crystal Manning

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-03 GrowingBeautiful by CrystalManning Moda-01

Painterly flowers are complemented with abstract patterns in growing beautiful, a vibrant new collection suited for garments and quilts. There is a peony print – one of my springtime favorites- and a field of wildflowers. All painted in a bold palette of reds berries, eggplant teal and a pop of chartreuse. There are four growing beautiful prints on rayon it’s lovely drape is perfect for dresses, shirts and skirts.Growing beautiful is for everyone looking to add a little color and style tot their life.


Vive La France by French General

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-03 ViveLaFrance by FrenchGeneral Moda-01

Vive la France is about my love of France. The simple color combination of blue, white and red makes up a strong patriotic palette for our quilts, homes and even apparel. Most of these prints were found layered underneath old quilts I have unpicked over the years. I hope you enjoy sewing with them as much I enjoyed uncovering them.


Sweet Violet by Jan Patek

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-03 SweetViolet by JanPatek Moda-01

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Calypso Batiks by Kate Spain

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-03 CalypsoBatiks by KateSpain Moda-01

Calypso batiks combine cool blues, tropical greens and vibrant punchy colors that combine to create a rhythmic collection of harmonic tones. Bright hand-drawn hibiscus blooms and florals. Percussive geometrics and swirling melodic breezes bring visual music and dimension to your sewing projects. Twelve prints are offered in a beautiful rayon that is perfect for sewing apparel; from sarongs and tunics, to shift dresses and skirts… or anything under the sun!


Flower Sacks by Me & My Sister

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-03 FlowerSacks by MeandMySister Moda-01

Nostalgic feed and flour sacks are the start for this visit to a simpler time. We’ve pulles some of our favourites from our collection of vintage sacks and done them over in our fresh spring colors and style. It’s the perfect way to spend a lazy weekend dreaming of days gone by!


Crystal Lake by Minick & Simpson

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-03 CrystalLake by MinickandSimpson Moda-01

Four polly and laurie, inspiration often comes from their native Michigan. Crystal lake is upper Michigan is known for its vibrant blue water, and for the spectacular sunsets that can be seen from its shores, hues included in this new collection. We hope the clear vivid colors of crystal lake will inspire you to make a few new favorite quilts.


Cheeky by Urban Chiks

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-03 Cheeky by UrbanChiks Moda-01

Swell came first, then sweet. Now we’ve got cheeky!

Some of my favorite signature prints from swell and sweet are here, keeping company with a few new prints in some cheery color palette. If you’ve got a stash of those collections-and swell Christmas –these prints will coordinate perfectly! So go make something Cheeky-these modern retro prints and colors are a must for every fabric collector.


On Meadowlark Pond by Kansas Troubles

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-03 OnMeadowlarkPond by KansasTroublesQuilters Moda-01

Over the years, in a spot midway between our front porch and the pond… my husband, Robert, has gathered an array of bird feeders. There are hooks with feeders of all sizes and shapes, holding a variety of bird seeds. We enjoy watching blue jays, barn swallows, red-winged blackbirds, robind, finches, bob-whites, and an abundance of our Kansas state bird, the Meadowlark. Within minutes of filling the feeders, there is a flurry of wings. There are dances for dominance, tweets of happiness and songs gratitude when the feast is done. At dusk, the rabbits, raccoons and deer wander in to take advantage of the seeds that dropped to the ground,. Robert admits he buys enough seeds that dropped to the ground. Robert admits he buys enough seed to feed the entire county.. but the show makes it totally worth it.


These fabric lines are available for order. Please contact your sales representative or sales@rhinetex.com.