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Dear fall, that with the summer was just a flirt. From now on, we promise you our full attention! We accept that summer is really over and we’re fully focused on the styling of our fall house. How? With plaids, cushions and quilts in rich earth tones, enough candles and handmade items to get cosy with. Let the rainy days come! 

Tip to start with: Go for a walk in the woods and take everything nice & natural with you!


Cozy Area: Living

In the fall, we prefer to be in a cozy environment: for example the couch. We ♥ to make it cozy with animal furs, cushions in earth tones and natural characteristic wind lights and lanterns for the long fall evenings at home. Grab a cup of tea and nestle in a fluffy plaid or quilt.

Making the cozy area as comfortable as possible can be done by adding textures, pillows, rugs and throw blankets. A simple way to decorate for fall is by adding something natural (links plants), something scented (candles) and something decorative (pumpkins!). Switch out summer florals for earthy tones that reflect the season.

Setting Fall

Fall Mantel




Scented Candles

Candles are the best way to add a touch of the fall season into your home because it’s smelling so festive and they usually come in cute jars.




Smart Styling

When it’s getting darker and colder, we’re more at home. That means: time for cozy fall styling. Our tip: choose natural colours and materials and leave them into your house until Christmas. 

Christmas Fall Decor


On the table

In the fall, it’s always time for a nice festive dinner table. Our tip: dark, combined with typical fall decorations in warm, powerful colours such as red and orange, for an exciting contrast. 

Fall in LOVE Table


The entrance is where you and your family are welcomed into your house. Use pumpkins and cute signs to create a fall atmosphere and remember to be thankful in everything.

Cozy Living Area Quilt Fall

Matching Fabrics

Use the following fabric collections to cozy up your house now!

Where to buy? Check our storelocator.


Available now 101 Maple Street by Bunny Hill Designs:

101 Maple Street

This collection with a blend of shades of persimmon, bronze, charcoal and gold, mixed with cream and aqua made us FALLEN in Love


Available per October:

201810 Spice It Up-01

We hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas to do your Fall Decorating Projects.