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Hooray! It’s I Love to Write Day!

The best way to celebrate this special day is by getting inspired by the top ‘write & text fabric collections’ . Let’s get inspired and write (sew) your story now. 


Top 7 Write & Text Fabric Collections

1. Modern Backgrounds Paper by Zen Chic

ModernBackgroundPaper Zen Chic

Typical for Zen Chic: Spare, clean, and modern. Background fabrics with all the features that make them such essential quilt and sewing companions. Modern Background Paper is an assortment of light fabrics in hues of white, cream, and linen.

More about this collection? Click here: Modern Backgrounds Paper by Zen Chic


2. Wordsmith by Janet Clare

Wordsmith by Janet Clare

Wordsmith (n.): one who creates with words. The Wordsmith is about cherishing the simple things in life. It’s about love letters, little notes, and finding pressed flowers in favorite books. Now’s the time to quieten your mind, gather your memories and slowly piece them together with beautiful fabrics to create a lasting cloth to be treasured by generations to come: a quilted memory to cherish. So come, gather your letters and your threads and be a wordsmith with us!

More about this collection? Click here: the Wordsmith by Janet Clare


3. Authentic Etc. by SweetWater

Authentic Etc by BasicGrey

SweetWater: While we might have other favorites, Authentic will always be first in our hearts. It is also the collection we’re asked most often to reprint. We resisted for a long time because there can only be one Authentic. But the process of adding some fresh designs to a few old favorites made the collection new again. We call it Authentic, Etc. and we are so excited for the opportunity to revisit our first line – it feels like home!

More about this collection? Click here: Authentic Etc. by SweetWater


5. Wordplay by Sarah Fielke

Wordplay Sarah Fielke

Word Play was inspired by designer Sarah Fielke’s love of reading, of words themselves and most of all, her love of words in quilts! She has always loved to use piecing and applique to incorporate words and phrases into her quilts, and what better way to bring in a touch of modern than with a text fabric. Word Play is fun for piecing quilts and makes unique applique shapes and backgrounds, and its also wonderful for word themed project bags, library bags and kindle covers.

More about this collection? Click here: Wordplay by Sarah Fielke


6. Fragile by Zen Chic

Fragile by Zen Chic

Another illustrative cotton print collection from Zen Chic for Moda. ‘Fragile’ brings you soft shades, easy prints and they work well with other collections because of this. You could even use them for cushions and curtains!

More about this collection? Click here: Fragile by Zen Chic


5. Literary by Heather Givans

Literary Heather Givans

What could beat walking into a room filled with library card catalogs, checkout cards with date stamps, and the smell of old books? Books and their readers are celebrated in Literary, Heather Givans’ newest collection for Windham Fabrics. From the beautifully ornate papers found on the insides of classic novels like Moby Dick or The Boxcar Children, to the printed text of Anne of Green Gables, Heather creates a collection that will enthrall bookworms, bibliophiles, and sewers alike. Whether you’re someone who stacks books neatly or more of the shoveling books into every crevice of your home type, the joy of reading and sewing is found in Literary.

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