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At the Etty Hillesum Lyceum, a new education direction has started recently: The Corberic. For the freshmen students, one day is focused on having new impressions and broaden their horizons. This also means introducing the students to different organizations and professions in practice. It is important for the students to get a realistic view about the different professions and sectors in the labor market. We as Rhinetex were asked to tell the students about the significance of our company, the services and functions within our organization. Of course, we were happy to share information about our company with the students.

Our creative team created a short program where the students could learn about our company and jobs in the creative sector. After a short introduction about what an international B2B organization is; some information about the assortment: fabrics, notions and machines; Rhinetex’ customers; the jobs and the processes, we showed them around and afterwards it was finally time for the creative sector assignments.

The students were asked to do 2 assignments, both 10 minutes max.


Trend collage

Within lifestyle fabrics, trends are very important. Every season has new trends and for everyone there should be something nice. We’ve chosen three trend themes for the students, so that they could make a collage and think about why and how they would present their trend.

  • Bohemian: Endless summer; tropical temperatures and outdoor living. The use of different textures and colors in combination with natural materials. Candles, lanterns and happiness all over.
  • Elegance: Design, soft, detailed and chic. Luxurious materials like copper and gold.
  • Oceanic: The deep blue sea, colorful coral, the underwater world as inspiration, blue tones, natural materials, glass and other see-through materials are important aspects.


Styling photoshoot

In the Rhinetex photo studio, the students were asked to present a collection of fabrics as good as possible, and take a photo. There were two options and lots of accessories to decorate and make it more attractive. The students were totally free about how to do this, who the target group will be and of course, it should be about presenting the Rhinetex fabrics.


The Results

All the students did a very good job. Some of them didn’t think about a career in the creative sector in the first place, but still were enthusiastic. We had a lot of fun and would like all the students for their input and creativity!

Below you will find some of their photographs: