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Update: March 2018

Dear customer,

Last week you received JafTex & our press release regarding the new ownership of FreeSpirit. We are extreme happy with this move and so are all the designers. FreeSpirit is alive and will stay alive.

All Q1 & Q2 new collections are ready for ordering. We have lost 3 weeks of buying but we are making this up very quick.

So if you want to buy these collections, call us? Call Mirjam or Jana +31 570 2345 26 or your sales representative from Rhinetex.

Note: Rhinetex is a wholesaler of lifestyle fabrics and therefore we only delivers to business to business customers.



September 2018


By Tula Pink

Every 5 years or so my brain turns to salty liquid. I just can’t shake a longing for the ocean from my cozy studio in the land locked Midwest. Growing up on the California coast infused me with the spirit of the sea and to this day saltwater runs through my veins. The pull of the sea affects so many of us, throughout time even Gods have risen up to explain this phenomenon, Neptune and Poseidon reigned supreme over the ocean more than three thousand years ago.

It is the mystery more than anything that drives this fascination. The deepest oceans are like alien planets with sea life evolving unseen by human eyes. So why can’t a sea horse become a unicorn? I certainly cannot think of a reason. If it could happen then it could happen here. In vivid Technicolor with bioluminescent glow, you will find Spotted Eagle Sting Rays amongst the seaweed, Mini Blue Whales fraternizing with giant Sea Unicorns and a bloom of Jellyfish gently drifting with the current.

There is a lot going down here so take a deep breath and join me on the ocean floor where the water is cool and quiet and the water bound wonders never cease.

In stores: September 2018


By Morris & Co

In stores: September 2018


By Snow Leopard Designs

Ärcadia” is an ancient Greek word that refers to a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature. In this new collection for Snow Leopard Designs, I have tried to recreate this same vision of pastoral harmony a s a chance to escape from the complexities of modern life and back into a simpler way of being.

I have based the design on images of great beauty that I have seen in my daily love while working down at my West Dorset seaside studio, and during my dinosaur bone hunting expeditions along the ancient Jurassic coast. Some of the designs are also inspired by antique documents In my archive.

There is so much beauty around us if we try to look with an artist’s eyes. I hope this new collection will help bring that same beauty into your projects and homes.

In stores: September 2018

Garden Bright

By Sue Penn Designs

This collection began as a painting I started two years ago. I often start with a background that I let sit for a while until I decide what I want the finished painting to be. Of course, it rarely ends up looking anything like I originally intended! I love color and texture. I added layer after layer using stencils, spray paints, hand printed papers and inks until I had Garden Bright. The coordinating painting came much more easily. I tend to paint in the same palette most of the time so everything coordinated nicely. I love that these paintings are being printed on fabric and I cannot wait to see what quilters will create!

In stores: September 2018


By Bookhou (Anna Maria's Conservatory)

Our Vestige collection refers to the fragments, motifs and design elements gathered from past drawings and designs that we have collaged and overlaid to form new combinations. This new work continues my interest in hand drawn geometries and abstract forms that escape formality by overlapping in unexpected ways through juxtapositions of shape, scale and surprise.

In stores: September 2018

October 2018

Artisan III

By Kaffe Fasset Collective

In stores: October 2018


By Odile Bailloeul

Born from a voyage to Staphorst in the Netherlands, this collection is inspired by a traditional mixture of checks, polka dots and flowers, which characterize the traditional dress of the Staphorst community. However, under my paint brush the colors became more audacious, the flowers scatter and the checks mingle..
The fantasy that blows through this collection inspires joyful creations, fanciful clothes, cheerful and colorful patchwork.
Now we can dare the frou-frous, the unexpected combinations and some very feminine assemblages.
Choose the range “Fantasy” which evokes celebrations and lightness with its soft colors, or the range “Staphorst” elegant and unusual.

In stores: October 2018


By Scion

Introducing Scion, an upbeat brand for everyone, with zesty colors, clean Scandi-inspired designs and fresh ideas for modern living.  
The word Scion has two meanings:  ‘a young shoot or twig’ or ‘the descendent of a notable family’. It’s the perfect name for an energetic new brand that has been created with an enduring appeal and intrinsic individuality to bring a smile to the everyday.

Scion is proud to introduce Dakarai, a collections of contemporary abstract designs in a palette of chalky brights and dusky pastels to suit any home. The name Dakarai means ‘joyous’and ‘happy’, which is a perfect fit for this cheerful collection of geometric patterns, funky stripes and fun motifs, including Mr. Fox.

Mr. Fox was the first ever Scion design and has a special connection with the brand’s roots, and has since grown to be an iconic design with a life, personality and loyal following all of his own.

In stores: October 2018

Savernake Road

By Monika Forsberg (Anna Maria's Conservatory)

Savernake Road, a street curved along a small part of Hampstead Heath, London was the starting point for my first fabric collection. I walk down this road most days and embrace all of my surrounding. Front gardens of wild and groomed flowers spilling onto the pavement, Victorian houses, and broken tile front paths. All of this makes me very happy! I hope you experience my happiness through my first collection as part of an amazing group of artist known as the Anna Maria’s Conservatory.

In stores: October 2018


By Tim Holtz

The beautiful decay of abandoned elements inspired this collection knows as memoranda. Handwritten documentation and colorful ephemera are layered with faded tape to create a unique timeworn esthetic. Memoranda reimagines remnants of the past into collaged works of pattern and print.

In stores: October 2018

November 2018

Peony Pagoda

By Corinne Haig

Years ago, I had the privilege of being an exchange student in Japan. This experience holds many treasured memories of kind, generous people and enchanting flower gardens with pagodas and bridges. My trip to Japan holds a special place in my heart and I hope to capture some of its beauty with my Peony Pagoda collection. Enjoy!

In stores: November 2018

English Summer

By Anna Maria Horner (Anna Maria's Conservatory)

In my first collection as part of the conservatory, I am so pleased for it to be influenced by my travels, as it is an appropriate way to collaborate with the talented conservatory artist joining me from around the world, When I think of England, I think of flowers- especially after a beautiful summer stay there last year. Most notable in my journey was the chance to inhabit in a small 13th century Oxford shire Cottage. The mix of prints is meant to share the beauty of those naturalistic florals along with the ethnic and architectural inspirations that convey the special and unique place that is England. The scale and directions of the prints is perfect for fussy cutting quilts and creating beautiful garments and accessories and the palettes can inspire diverse directions towards modern or traditional quilting.

In stores: November 2018

St. John

By Jennifer Paganelli

Once again, my paintings become the basis for St. John. St. John was a family destination We loved the solitude of the island. The beaches stretched for miles and seeing the ocean floor from glass bottom boats has us feeling very blessed. The stripe was actually a vase in one of my paintings. Moreover, we know the dot factor in any grouping is perfect for plushies, clothing, quilts, and more. I just know this amazing collections will increase your heart rate and provide you with hours of inspirations.. All you need to do is enjoy!

In stores: November 2018

December 2018

Darling Maedow

By Tanya Whelan

Darling Meadow, Tanya Whelan’s latest collection, is a celebration of nature. Designs of deer, birds, bunnies and butterflies mingle sweetly with Tanya’s trademark floral designs. Made up of two lively color palettes; Sunshine, comprised of yellows, saturated oranges and just the right amount of deep pink an Grass and Sky, rendered in deep teals, olives and sky blues. The colors and designs will make for dynamic and pretty quilts, clothing bags and more.

In stores: December 2018

Dream Cottage

By Verna Mosquera

In stores: December 2018


By Anna Maria Horner

PDF :  Tambourine by Anna Maria

In stores:January 2018


By Shell Rummel

PDF – Rhytm by Shell Rummel

In stores: January 2018


By Dena Designs

PDF- Meadowlark by Dena Designs

In stores: March 2018

108 Sateen Quilt Backs

By Kaffe Fasset Collective

PDF – Kaffe Fassett Collective Fall 2018 2 of 2

In stores: February 2019


Erin McMorris

PDF- Outerland by ErinMcMorris

In stores: February 2019