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FreeSpirit has released 5 new collections! 

The March release has 5 colorful collections, trendy to classy. Flowers and nature were the main inspiration for designers Morris & Co, Odile Bailloeul and the Anna Maria Conservatory (featuring Anna Maria Horner, Bookhou and Monika Forsberg). 

Have your sneak-preview here and don’t forget to check out the PDF’s with all the information needed. 

The collections will be shipped between October 2019 and January 2020 and are all available for order now! 


October 2019

Land Art – Odile Bailloeul

PDF Fabric Collection 

This collection is inspired by the wonders of nature, but in the way a collector would put together, organize and arrange his collections to create Land Art.
Rosettes of flowers, tidy seeds, insects, pebbles and flowers are organized in symmetry, up to the animals that are adorned with flowers and patterns to become magical!
The patchwork will allow you to assemble all of these elements in a unique way. You will create your own natural combination with these treasures collected for you!

Swatches Land Art by Odile Bailloeul fabrics
More about this collection? Click here: Land Art by Odile Bailloeul

Standen – Morris & Co

PDF Fabric Collection

Featuring some of William Morris’ most iconic designs, Standen is the stunning new collection of craft fabrics from FreeSpirit. Standen comprises several standout prints, including Willow Boughs, Poppy, Lodden, Acanthus, Brer Rabbit and Forest.
Beautifully colored throughout in new colourways inspired by Morris’signature palette, these designs of scrolling leaves and delicately entwining stems are a true representation of the designer’s style.

Swatches Standen by Morris & Co fabrics
More about this collection? Click here: Standen by Morris & Co


November 2019

Endless Summer – Monika Forsberg

PDF Fabric Collection

The name Endless Summer flew into my head when I was drawing this collection. Last summer was unusually warm and long, and it brought back memories of one specific childhood summer that lasted almost forever. I was running barefoot and devouring books, learning about the meaning of an unusaully dry, hot summer. I wanted to hint a bit of magic so Endless Summer seemed like the perfect title.

Swatches Endless Summer by Monika Forsberg fabrics
More about this collection? Click here: Endless Summer by Monika Forsberg

December 2019

After the Rain – Bookhou

PDF Fabric Collection

After the rain, the sun appears and the garden is alive. Birds and insects are busy and the scent of freshness is everywhere. Walking in the garden is my favorite escape – a place where I find my greatest inpiration. I’ve always thought of myself as a botanist of sorts, and botanical drawings and patterns have always been a large part of everything I do. While out on walks I love collecting samples of the most amazing little leaves, flowers ot twigs. For this collection I created patterns and groupings of floral shapes and simplified forms, altered, arranged and rearranged.

Swatches After the Rain by Bookhou for freespirit fabrics
More about this collection? Click here: After the Rain by Bookhou

January 2020

One Mile Radiant – Anna Maria Horner

PDF Fabric Collection

I gathered all the inspiration necessary fort this collection within a one-mile radius of my home. The Front Walk print, for instance, was conceived simply by stepping out my front door and admiring a particularly wonderful day of blooming efforts by the flowers in my planters. A short walk to a nearby arborterum introduces Queen Anne’s lace all along my trail. Deeper into the three covered path on any summer day, I am greeted by monarch butterflies dancing across a wild patch of black- eyed Susans. When the air begins to smell damp, I know that I’m nearing the glowing, pale green pond, and today the lotuses have exploded into extraordinary blooms. All of nature’s small and fussy as well as large and bold forms combine before my eyes to create such beauty, that I’m overwelmed to translate it into my fabrics and quilts. I hope you find as much bauty in these fabrics as I find around my home.

Swatches One Mile Radiant by Anna Maria Horner fabrics
More about this collection? Click here: One Mile Radiant by Anna Maria Horner