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FreeSpirit released the “January 2019” collections. 8 new lines including the Kaffe Fassett Collective Spring 2019 Collection, the Scandinavian-inspired brand Scion made an energetic cool collection, Jane Sassaman designed exotic floral prints and there is a new designer Sanderson, who has designed the iconic, ‘Vintage Collection’. Have your sneak-preview and don’t forget to check out the PDF’s with all the information needed. 

The collections will be shipped between June and September 2019 and are all available for order now! 

June 2019

Kaffe Fassett Collective – Spring 2019

PDF Fabric Collection

Swatches Kaffe Fassett Collective Spring 2019
More about this collection? Click here: Kaffe Fassett Collective – Spring 2019

Port Au Prince – Jennifer Paganelli

PDF Fabric Collection

Visually stunning, that is how I describe the hub of Haiti, it’s capital city, Port au Prince. In 1976, my high school graduation class went to Port au Prince. I was enthralled by the Haitian people with their passion for a kaleidoscope of mismatched textiles and turban head wraps, like layers of clothing. 

A much later realization was that what impressed me the most was fashion designers like Kenzo, who had an extraordinary eye for visually knitting designs, color and enviable textiles together into a harmonious story.

I absolutely love this line and adore the complexities of patterns, colored to create a symphony of options. Culturally, these designs have different origins but they signify a modern melding in this new millennium. 

Swatches Port Au Prince by Jennifer Paganelli
More about this collection? Click here: Port Au Prince – Jennifer Paganelli

July 2019

Baja – Scion

PDF Fabric Collection

Ever colorful, this latest collection from Scion draws on the brands’ playful and energetic qualities. Inspired by the festival cool vibe of Southern California, Scion Baja presents an air of ethnic sophistication alongside urban style. Spike the Hedgehog makes a agues amidst tropical tones and bold motifs. Clean lines and Scandi influences are prevalent, as strong geometric designs and rich pops of color bring a contemporary feel.

Full of personality, Scion Baja is an uplifting collection designed to add elements of fun to any living space. 

Swatches Baja by Scion
More about this collection? Click here: Baja – Scion

Floral Chronicles – Joel Dewberry

PDF Fabric Collection

Floral Chronicles is a collective of Joel Dewberry’s most memorable and beautiful floral prints from previous design collections. The new bold color stories and complementary pattern arrangements reinvigorate your favorites and tell a charming, modern and stylish story. 

Swatches Floral Chronicles by Joel Dewberry
More about this collection? Click here: Floral Chronicles – Joel Dewberry

August 2019

Step by Step – Keiko Goke

PDF Fabric Collection

To draw by hand – this is the medium of choice when Keiko Goke designs her fabrics. Watercolors, crayon and soft tip colored pencils, especially German made Lyra and Stabilo, are her favorite drawing tools.

“I know, my artistic choice will require the mill to put forth extra effort when reproducing my designs, but this is my medium and how I would like to continue as long as I design fabric.”

Keiko Goke always wants to include flower motifs in her collection, which are found as a few pretty and gentle flowers. She also loves graphic types of motifs, also in this collection. Designs that she draws, as she likes: become printed fabrics delivered to the quilters. 

“I do think it is such a happy things to do as a job and I made this collection in thanks for that joy!” 

Swatches Step by Step by Keiko Goge
More about this collection? Click here: Step by Step – Keiko Goke

September 2019

Nouveau – Jane Sassaman

PDF Fabric Collection

This season, Jane Sassaman takes her queue from the exotic florals and formal motifs of the Art Nouveau era. Her refreshing interpretation adds a modern twist, of course, with contemporary colors, dynamic graphics and perhaps a dash of mystery. These radiant designs are ideal for paper piecing millefiori, kaleidoscope and mosaic style quilts. Plus, Jane’s personality prints are also wonderful focus fabrics for piecing and decorative projects of all kinds. Sew some seeds of creativity and let Nouveau lead you down the path of inspiration. 

Swatches Nouveau by Jane Sassaman
More about this collection? Click here: Nouveau – Jane Sassaman

Country Folk – Miss Mustard Seed

PDF Fabric Collection

For her second fabric collection, blogger Miss Mustard Seed, was excited to explore designs inspired by her childhood in Germany. She has long loved traditional folk designs in their beautiful simplicity and symbolism. Elements from nature, human experiences and emotions are interwoven to tell a story at a glance. The stories of abundant love expressed in repeated hearts, the importance of family and personal growth shown in the simple outline of a tree, and nature on display in flowers and foliage scattered across a folk-styled paisley print. Her hope is these wordless stories will convey that tradition is important and can be successfully reinterpreted in textiles used today.

Swatches Country Folk by Miss Mustard Seed
More about this collection? Click here: Country Folk – Miss Mustard Seed

Vintage Collection – Sanderson

PDF Fabric Collection

Celebrating iconic and well-loved designs from their historic archive, Sanderson launches the Vintage collection. Dating back to the last century, these archetypal designs have been recreated in fresh new color ways. Nostalgic yet vibrant; a contemporary ay to bring classic florals into the home.

Swatches Vintage Collection by Sanderson
More about this collection? Click here: Vintage Collection – Sanderson

Neddy’s Meadow – Snow Leopard Designs

PDF Fabric Collection

The ‘Neddy’s Meadow’ collection from Snow Leopard Designs is inspired by a lovely white stallion called Neddy, who Philip Jacobs’ has been grooming, feeding and befriended for a number of years. Neddy and Philip rapidly became the best of friends. Quilters from around the world follow his adventures on social media and love his humor, naughtiness and nature-loving spirit. 

The designs in this collection are intended to reflect both the plants and other creatures that inhabit the Surrey countryside by Neddy’s riverside paddock. The main design: ‘Neddy’s Horses‘ shows a group of different breeds of playful horses in the spring time – from dappled grey to the beautifully spotted Leopard Appaloosa. 

The other major design is the group ‘Roosters‘, which portrays some of the birds that inhabit he farm where Neddy lives. Different textures can be found from the large roosters to the small chicks, working perfectly as an abstract multi-directional fabric for an explosion of color and a variety of uses. 

In the spring time, the paddock and the surrounding fields are rich with flowering ‘Spring Blossoms‘, dropping their petals into the nearby River Mole in the gentle breeze resulting in floating blooms on the water below. Multitudes of ‘Crocuses‘ break through the damp earth, spreading joy to horse and human alike! As the summer heat builds the ‘Meadow Grass‘, a perfect near solid, become laden with seed, which, if they are not eaten by Neddy, are also scattered by the wind. 

Slowly as summer passes and the autumn mist start to rise off the river, the hedgerows become full of juicy ‘Blackberries‘ for Neddy to happily graze.

I hope this collection brings you a bit more of the story about the horse that I love and his happy world. Neddy and his world will inspire your projects in the same way he, and his warm heart, has inspired me to produce an abundance of designs. 

Swatches Neddys Meadow by Snow Leopard Designs
More about this collection? Click here: Neddy’s Meadow – Snow Leopard Designs