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FreeSpirit released the “October 2018” collections. See the newest lines from Tula Pink, Morris & Co, Amy Butler’s LATEST Collection and more great designers! Have your sneak-preview and don’t forget to check out the PDF’s with all the information needed. The release has 13 brand new collections and these collections will be shipped in March till August 2019. All available for order now: contact sales@rhinetex.com


March 2019

Pinkerville by Tula Pink

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-03 Pinkerville by TulaPink for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Pinkerville is a state of mind. When Tula Pink designs fabric, she retreats into a imaginary world of her own creation. She calls that place Pinkerville In this collection, Tula Pink is inviting you to join her on her journey through her own delusion. This is a place where all things are possible. Each piece in this collection is named after an attribute that is required for entrance. The Swan is your guide to Pinkerville as she holds the keys to the kingdom, so her print is named Gate Keeper. The Unicorn print is titled Imaginarium because this place requires a devotion to the imagined, a willingness to invent and accept things that may or not be real. A pattern of marbled water conceals a moveable lake monster (among other things!) In a print called Blind Faith because it is a magical thing to believe in something so hard that you can turn innocuous things like shadows to evidence of the fantastic! A butterfly conceals the face of an owl in a print titled Enlightenment as she is the watcher, the all-seeing eyes of Pinkerville. A delicate weaving of lace flowers makes up the print titled Delight, a healthy appreciation for beauty is always welcome here. A print of overlapping fans named Serenity reminds you to be calm and relaxed here, take it all in, there is plenty of time. Worry and anxiety are never welcome in Pinkerville. Finally, there is Fairy Dust that adds just a sprinkle of rainbow magic to tie it all together. Welcome to my world, the space between my ears, the warm water is so shed the heavy baggage of reality and dip a toe into Pinkerville! 

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April 2019

Bloomsbury by Morris & Co

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-04 Bloomsbury by Morris & Co for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Morris relocated to Bloomsbury in 1861 to set up the studio for Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Company. The founding members of this firm were Morris, painters Ford Madox Brown, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne-Jones, Peter Marshall (an engineer and artist), the architect Philip Webb and Charles James Faulkner. In 1975, after much legal unpleasantries, Morris dissolved the company and re-launched Morris & Co. with Edward Burn Jones as a business partner. The Bloomsbury collection is inspired by the revitalization of change. 

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Memoranda II by Tim Holtz

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-04 Memoranda by Tim Holtz for FreeSpirit

The beautiful decay of abandoned elements inspired this collection known as Memoranda. Handwritten documentation and colorful ephemera are layered with faded tape to create a unique timeworn esthetic. Memoranda reimagines remnants of the past into collaged works of pattern and print…

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Natural Beauty by Amy Butler

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-04 Natural Beauty by Amy Butler for FreeSpirit Fabrics

My fascination and love for wild creatures, plants and flowers started when I was very young spending hours with my mom and grandma in the woods, on the rivers and under the stars. They’re artists too and they taught me the value of experiencing the beauty in nature, and with unspoken words, guided more by feeling, we all felt the love, magnanimous positive vibrations and grounding peace that the wild world offers us. It’s magical, evolving and expanding: just like us! I wanted this collection to express the richness of my natural inspirations and to be a joyful celebration combining gorgeous color with jaw dropping feel good prints. I hope you feel it and have fun with it too!

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May 2019

Art Excursion by Denise Burkitt

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-05 Art Excursion by Denise Burkitt for FreeSpirit Fabrics

As a traveling artist on solo adventures around Australia, I’m often inspired by new surroundings. In August 2017, I was housesitting for over three weeks, looking after a beautiful cat at a five-acre property at Brooloo, Queensland. I collected fabrics which I was sorting for upcoming workshops that I was going to attend and suddenly thought “why am I using other fabrics, I have the time to do on my own.” So, I drove 120 kilometers to buy a load of white cotton fabric, washed and dried it, set up a table on the outside patio area with a drop sheet under, and overtook to paint sixty designs at various sizes. I took a different approach to previously, I had never directly hand painted. After that first brush stroke, I was on fire! I came up with ideas and designs I had not previously done. I worked continuously each day, sometimes till after dark, when I had mosquito coils burning. Some days were hot, some windy enough to tape things down. I had to move the table as the sun moved on me and the fabric. I was saving curious insects from wet paint, which were landing as I was hand painting. A wild cat would visit on dusk and cause my cat to pounce. I was in my element and hope my first collection, with FreeSpirit, Art Excursion, inspires you as much as it moved me.

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Seeds & Stems by Kathy Doughty

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-05 Seeds & Stems by Kathy Doughty for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Examination of simple things in the most insignificant places reveal real beauty. Seeds & Stems is a collection that has been germinating in a bowl on my desk. The essence is grounded in textured shapes from the earth’s cycle of life. Each item was first found, treasured and examined for details… Seeds & Stems represents earthly delighs in a shifting scale from minute to grand that captures and holds our attention. The lines, shapes and forms are both graphic and motif driven… smooth or spikes, they hold the energy of life for the ransom of something good to come. 

The compresensive palette chosen for the collection reflects night evolving into the fresh warming light of dawn. The temperature rises to radiate the heat of the sun rays at high noon before shifting to the relief of the cooling temperatures of dusk. Like the day, the movement between the hours blends to create a composite picture. 

Seeds & Stems is a textile collection that bridges traditional fabrics and the contemporary or modern for a unique composition. The sliding scale of prints first attracts attention with dynamic prints but also prodives backgrounds and texture prints in a sliding scale from grand to minute. The dynamic movement created in the large prints is an invitation to get busy. Like the natural beauty of the earth, this collection is designed to work together completely with each piece interchangeable with all the others. Plant Seeds & Stems and watch your next creative idea grow!

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Souvenir by Nathalie Lete

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-05 Souvenir by Nathalie Lete for FreeSpirit Fabrics

I remember the happy days when I was a child walking around the village of my Grandmother in Bavaria, Germany. As a child of the city, the nature of animals, birds, insects, flowers and mushroom felt like a new kingdom around me. As much as I was fascinated by all the diversity of the colors, I also enjoyed the discovery. This collection was inspired by the happiness of that time. I hope to inspire quilting happiness in all of you.

More about this collection? Click here: Souvenir by Nathalie Lete




June 2019

Murmur by Valori Wells

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-06 Murmur by Valori Wells

Amongst the early morning dew and the rays of sunshine emerge the sounds of summer. The delicate wings of the hummingbird whispering to me – Hello! Good Morning! My heart fills with love and happiness as my garden comes to life with their energy and grace fluttering among the sunflowers. Murmur was inspired by these magnificent creatures and thew onder and delight they bring.

More about this collection? Click here: Murmur by Valori Wells



Color Fusion by Laura Heine

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-06 Color Fusion by Laura Heine for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Color fusion is the merging, melding and blending between the colors of the fabrics, the designs and the thread combined. Each process that one goes through to a complete quilt is part of the color fusion. See everything around you in shapes and colors. Your color palette expresses your individual personality and outlook on life. Color is like an instrument. Color instructs us to open up our eyes and hearts to a wider vision. Beautiful colors are the language of a radiant life. The design should be fairy and simple. Choose fabrics that are unexpected. The thread strongly affects the entire look of the quilt. The simplest of designs can be transformed into true works of art. The world is a color fusion of people. 

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Long Distance by Courtney Cerutti

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-06 Long Distance by Courtney Cerrutti for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Long distance is inspired by some of my favorite motifs and craft traditions across cultures. It brings together Japanese printmaking processes alongside references to hand-painted French wallpaper and tiny delicate florals. Traditional elements are updated by a shift in scale and a contemporary color palette. Adding figures to these motifs creates a conversation across time and place, rooting these prints in the present.

I love the variety of prints in this collection. Some feel bright and happy, like tiny celebrations on fabric, while others seem to whisper subtly to one another. Long Distance is life on fabric: it’s light and airy, dark and sophisticated, a collection of moments gathered together over countries and lifetimes.

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Marabella by Amy Reber

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-06 Marabella by Amy Reber for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Two years ago, my husband, kids and I moved back to the West Coast to my home state of Washington, and while I’d been drawing inspiration from all that the East Coast had to offer, suddenly I was surrounded by new and unique forms of nature. Even though this had been my home growing up, as an artist I was now seeing things with a fresh and more inquisitive perspective. The smallest of details being more interesting than they ever were when I was young. As a result, this collection pays homage to the unique beauty of this region that I love so much. I feel very fortunate that my daily views include the stunning waters of the Puget Sound. It is a beautiful and familiair reminder of why I love the Pacific Northwest so much. I have a passion for beach combing; and our favorite walk is Point No Point where the water hugs the rounded shore and the beach is covered with drift wood, rocks, seaweed and various other marine treasures. The floral and fauna in this collection are direct reflections of the incredible things we’ve found during our adventures both on the beach and in the gorgeous woods of the Pacific Northwest. 

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July 2019

Second Nature by Anna Maria Horner

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-07 SecondNature by Anna Maria Horner

Second nature is a very intentional approach to design by only employing two colors per fabric, but as a whole, creating an enticing spectrum in various scales. While reduced in color numbers, the appeal of the prints is as provoking when hey stand alone as it is when they are used alongside the other collections in conservatory. The opportunity to focus on form with this collection was a breath of fresh air, and a joyful play with my hand-drawn graphics. I’m certain that including these beauties in your patchwork, garments, accessories and home goods will become Second Nature.

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Vibrant Blooms by Shannon Newlin

PDF Fabric Collection

2019-07 Vibrant Blooms by Shannon Newlin for FreeSpirit Fabrics

The inspiration for this collection started with the idea of how flowers connect us. There are so many ways florals remind us of precious moments in our lives. Flowers commemorate first dates, anniversaries, sympathy, friendship, compassion and thoughtfulness while preciously bookmarking our experiences. We celebrate love and kindness by giving them; we press flowers into pages of books to remember them; we tend gardens to nurture them and we walk within farmers markets in search of them. Flowers allow us a gentle and beautiful way to express ourselves. While painting this series, I wanted to share my joy of bright, beautiful flowers with you. I hope these colorful, fine fabrics inspire you to make something new and special.  

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