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Ho Ho Ho! Slowly, but surely… Christmas Time is approaching. The time full of wonders, cosiness and the cold.. Winter is coming. How to make your home the most cosy of them all? By using fabrics. Get inspired now! 

We are decorating our homes both inside and outside during the Christmas period for centuries. For some, a tree is enough, while others are creating a real winter wonderland. With subtle details, you can make your interior ready for Christmas. A throw pillow; a warm quilt… using fabrics with a Christmas design makes the difference!

HoHoHo Petites Maisons de Noel by FrenchGeneral

Collection: Petites Maisons de Noel by FrenchGeneral


Why are we decorating our houses during Christmas in the first place?

The Christmas tree is an ancient tradition. The origin is unknown, however: the sources vary widely. It probably has an old Germanic origin, where the tree was central in a midwinter celebration. This celebration is on the shortest day of the year (December 21st). Probably the Christmas tree was burned for the warmth. The tree would have nothing to do with the Christian feast. But, what ever the origin: the Christmas tree in the house, is just a must-do for decorating the house into a Christmas setting.

Nowadays, it is not just setting up the Christmas tree. We decorate the full house, both inside and outside. Inside, we like to make it cosy by adding beautiful decorations as candles and reindeers. Outside, we like to add lights everywhere. Even if you’re thinking that the Christmas deco is too over-the-top and you prefer to add subtle, stylish Christmas accessories, Christmas fabrics will be a good option. The assortment of Rhinetex offers various textiles in Christmas or winter dessins.


1. Traditional Christmas fabrics

Gilded Greenery Metallic by Moda Fabrics Most Wonderful Time

Collection: Gilded Greenery by Moda Fabrics

Create a classic and timeless look with one of our traditional fabric collections. Traditional reds and greens mingled with golden accents and beautiful icons like flowers and birds. Perfect for a charmed rustic feel for the holidays! Our amazing assortment transforms your living room into a shabby chic space filled with traditional design. Time to make tabletop decors, wreaths, pillows, kitchen linens or even tree skirts and bring a handcrafted look to your Christmas tree, mantel or dinner table.


2. Trendy Christmas fabrics

BerryMerry by BasicGrey Reindeer

Collection: Berry Merry by BasicGrey

Create a merriment of style in your home with our collections of trendy Christmas fabrics. Make adorable Christmas decorations and ornaments, featuring traditional but trendy coloring and seasonal icons. Choose happy reindeers, snowflakes or colorful trees that bring fanciful and darling design to your Christmas styled house.


3. Christmas fabrics for Kids

Santas Little Helpers by Stacy Iest Hsu the North Pole

Collection: The North Pole by Stacy Iest Hsu

Santa Claus might be making lists and checking them twice but it isn’t a secret as to who fulfills those lists. It’s the elves! Without those cute little gals and guys, there wouldn’t be anything to put in Santa’s bags or fill stockings. The North Pole celebrates Santa’s crew – the helpers who actually make Christmas happen, even down to a couple of penguins! It truly does take a village to make the holidays perfect!

Spread holiday cheer with Stacy Iest Hsu’s Elves, create funny Christmas decorations and ornament with the bright colours of the season. The curly shoes,  pointy ears and striped outfits will definitely bring joy to all the areas in your house.


4. Christmas fabrics with a sense of humor

Funny Christmas Deco Eat Drink Be Ugly

Collection: Eat, Drink & Be Ugly by Sandy Gervais

Last but not least, our range of Christmas fabrics with a sense of humor. Because, joy is in the details! Have a full filled celebration by making a funny jokes on Santa, his reindeers, the elves and the snowman. Don’t forget to share them among friends! Have some dose of humor and let’s all say Ho! Ho! Ho!


These featured collections are still available for order! Please contact us via sales@rhinetex.com for all your questions!