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Fall has approached us, so it is time to redecorate your home. We’re about to show you the latest Fall 2017 Trends within the interior textiles. Today: Cool & Cosy Shibori. This old Japanese tie-dye technique is perfect to give your home a cool & cosy touch. The watercolor trend has been splashing its way into interior design for a while, but Shibori takes the arty effect to a stronger level: it shows big and bold patterns that give the home a chic or boho appearance.


Rich & Inky Indigo

Shibori’s most common colors are the rich indigo colors, which are seamlessly connected to this moments’ interior trends. Indigo has something special; this blue color fits into your interior as good as your favorite jeans matches to your outfit. From table cloths to bed linen, quilts or wall hangers. Indigo is incredibly versatile and has grown in popularity recently. It fits perfectly with the shifting trend towards the more organic interiors.


Shibori via Milton and King

Shibori Technique

The old Shibori textile dyeing technique dates from the 8th century. The Japanese used it as a method for decorating their kimonos and as a way to give their clothes a new life. The typical Shibori effects are made via folding, twisting or bunching the fabric before dyeing it in indigo. The folding, twisting or bunching will resist the dye which results in areas of the fabric that take the blue dye in a pattern created by resistance, and other areas that will remain white. When the fabric is re-folded after dyeing it is largely colored and provides a beautiful motif. This sustainable process creates a handmade and natural atmosphere. Typical shibori patterns often come in circular form, waves or flowing stripes: they are liquid, almost watery and unique. There are no mistakes: every pattern and every indigo color is unique and therefore it fits well together and into every interior. Combining and styling is easy.


Cool & Cosy: Styling Advice

How to get your home ready for fall with the Cool & Cosy Shibori?

The deep blue color gives a calm appearance and therefore it is perfect for a bedroom. Variety can easily be added by adding ton-sur-ton tones or for example black to give it a bit more power. Bedding and soft furnishings can be cozied up for fall with layers of blankets, cushions and rugs that create a cosy feeling. Shibori goes also good in the living room with for example table accessories or wall hangers. Wood, linen and soft fabrics like fake-fur are making it even more cosy.


Shibori via the ApartmentTherapy

Shibori via Bedeck Home

Shibori Rebecca Atwood


Shibori II by Moda

Want a beautiful result? Make use of the Shibori II Collection by Debby Maddie for Moda. This collection is inspired by the Japanese tie-dye technique and consist of 15 different prints and is in stores now.  Discover the collection here, or at one of our retailers.