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Colour blocking is a trend that reflects power and courage, including happy colours. It’s all about mixing different and opposite colours together. The goal is to create bold and powerful combinations. You can find it everywhere, for example in fashion, interiors and in fabrics like quilts and patchwork.


Origin of Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is thought of as the exploration of taking colours that are opposites on the colour wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary colour combinations.

Mondriaan Colour Blocking


This trend originally started at the catwalk, but did not stay there. Rumor has it that this trend was inspired by the work of the Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan. Especially his work known as “The Stijl” or “The Style”. Those paintings are the literal definition of color ‘blocking’.







Ways to

Want to have success? Keep your colours in the same family (pastels, neons). Mix colours that are not under one tone. And when you’re colour blocking for the first time, limit to two colours first. Try mixing complimentary in-style colours as charcoal gray and yellow. Once you’ve tried, mix more colours and try pairing opposite colours together. But colour blocking does not just mean geometric shapes. You can colour-block all organic and round! Try to avoid patterns while colour blocking, it’s important all the attention goes to the colors. And last but not least, experiment with unexpected color combinations and dare to be brave.

The Wheel of Colour Blocking



Get Inspired – Fabric, quilts and more

Denyse Schmidt is the designer of the Modern Solids (FreeSpirit Fabrics) collection. She designed this quilt named ‘the Sparkling Diamond’ while using this bright collection. The use of the sizes, amount of shapes and colours makes this quilt exactly what you will have in mind while thinking about colour blocking.

Modern Solids Colour Blocking

The Ombre Confetti metallic collection by V&Co for Moda is really good also for colour blocking. The solid colours make it easy to colour block. The metallic details are giving it a perfect shine and a dynamic touch. Happy colours and bold combinations are something we see often in modern quilts and patchwork. It’s exactly what makes them so wonderful.

Ombre Confetti Colour Blocking


Pillows are perfect to add a little colour blocking into your interior.

Pillow Talk Colour Blocking


Fabric projects:

Interior inspiration: paint your walls


Or be creative with your door:


And last but not least: the perfect colour blocking clutch


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