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As it is getting colder, we are reaching more frequently for our favorite blankets to warm us up. With a trend as Hygge for this winter, it can be hard to pick just one. It will be easier to justify grabbing a couple of different ones to rotate. After all, nothing helps to style your living space as a stylish blanket. Add a decorative blanket adder and your living space will be ready for the colder days.

Shop, or grab your needles and start knitting. Don’t know how, or what? See our inspiration and DIY here: the Giant Blanket, the Mermaid Blanket and the Simply Stylish Blankets you want to make now!

Scroll down for the DIY Videos.


Stylish Blanket Inspiration

Subtle and Cosy, this cableknit throw


The Herringbone cover


Crochet Blanket


Giant Blanket


Textured and Warm


Giant Blanket DIY

The famous enormous blankets can be knitted via arm-knitting or with PVC pipes. You have to use slightly felted superwash unspun wool roving. These blankets look gorgeous draped at the foot of the bed, thrown on a couch or even hanging on a ladder blanket rack. They’re wonderful presents to give this holiday season and who wouldn’t love snuggling in one of these?


Mermaid Tail Blanket DIY

This trend is fun. With the mermaid tail blanket you make Arial and dive into a fantasy world under the sea without ever leaving the comfy cosiness of your mermaid blanket. This blanket forms a cocoon, is super warm and comfortable and can be knitted quickly.