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We are delighted to stock the products of Bosal Foam & Fibre. The family owned business Bosal offers the highest quality in interfacing, foam and fiber. Bosal strives to meet the needs of the consumer and stays up to date with the newest designs and exciting projects. You will find definitely something that appeals to your craft talents. 


Foam, fiber, interfacing and crafts, all first rate products to ensure your project lasts a lifetime.

  • The interfacing of Bosal can be used with crafts, fabric, home items, sewing projects and anything else you can dream of. 
  • Foam projects will last a lifetime with Bosal’s superior quality products. 
  • Batting comes in three thicknesses and various sizes, there is something for everyone! 

As extra touch of quality and care, Bosal Pre-Shrinks all their waddings for your convenience. This means that you don’t have to pre-wash the wadding before use and you just can concentrate on enjoying your creative project. 


Bosal Products

Jellyroll Rugs – Katahdin On A Roll

Save yourself lots of time by using the 50 yard roll of organic cotton batting to make the Oh So Popular Jellyroll Rug! 






Bosal In-R-Form is a unique foam stabilizer. It is soft and formable, easy to stitch and needle friendly. The foam gives stability and shape to your quilts, bags and other projects, whilst giving a really quite unique soft, padded feel. 


We offer the double sided fusible foam on bolts, a roll and a pack; and the single sided foam on bolts and in a pack. 






Craft-Tex is a heavyweight, stiff, sew-in stabilizer for handbags, craft, fabric boxes, bowl, accessories, placemats and costumes. 


We offer the round shape, the placemat shape and the single sided packs. 






    Polytherm Fleece

    This heat-reflective fleece is perfect for a variety of home crafting needs: oven mitts, tea cozies, quilts, window coverings and much more. White fleece on one side allows for machine or hand quilting with the dimensional effects we love, and the silver lining on the other side actually reflects heat back to the source allowing for use in homemade coolers and warmers.

    We offer the Polytherm fleece in packs and on bolts.



      Duet Fuse II

      Bosal Duet Fuse II is perfect for creating quilts, handbags and more. It has heat sensitive adhesive on both sides, allowing you to bond any fabric. 

      Bosal Fuse II is available  in packs and on bolts. 


        Polytherm Fleece

        The Bosal 2.5″ Craft & Quilt Grid is a fusible non woven with pre-printed 2.5″ grid to assist with the layout. 

        Similar to interfacing, it has a fusible side with a 2.5″ grid on it used for fabric square placement. 

        Note that a 2.5″ grid results in a 2″ finished square. 

        Craft & Quilt Grid adds light support without bulk and is wonderful for colourwash, watercolor and quilt tops that rely on careful placement of fabric squares to creative artistic visuals effects.

        We offer packs and bolts. 


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