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Pumpkin Spice, Everything Nice. It’s time to prepare for Halloween and Moda designer Deb Strain wrote this blog about the design process of the Halloween Collection “Bewitching” for you. Including inspirational images of the original sketches! Check it out now!


Bewitching Line Deb Strain

It’s that time of the year again… the “Bewitching” hour. Scary sceletons, black cats, witch’s brooms and spooky bats, all come  together in Deb Strain’s frightfully fancy Halloween fabric line called “Bewitching”. With pattern names like: Creepy Cats and Danger Damask, Deb thought you might like to see some of her inspiration and process behind the slightly scary group with Moda Fabrics.

photo #2 Bewitching by Deb Strain

Deb: “I hand draw and hand paint all of my collections, so it is quite a process! The print called ‘Creepy Cats’ was inspired by this guy”.

photo #3 Bewitching by Deb Strain

Deb: “However, when I drew him, he looked a little scarier…”

photo #4 Bewitching by Deb Strain

Deb: “In the final print, repeating my friend the black cat, made it even creepier’

photo #5 Bewitching by Deb Strain

Deb: “Danger Damask started in a similar way. First the drawing of the motif, or central image in the pattern..”

photo #6 Bewitching by Deb Strain

Deb: “and then repeating and painting”

photo #7 Bewitching by Deb Strain

Deb: “I create each pattern in the group, the same way”

photo #8 copy Deb Strain Halloween

Deb: “It is obvious that I had a splendidly spooky (and fun) time designing “Bewitching”. Hope that you have as much fun using it!”

Bewitching Halloween by Deb Strain

The collection is recently sent to the fabric stores all over Europe. Want to know where to shop? Check our Storelocator!