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Batik is a form of art that has been admired for a long time and today batik is catch on. With modern batik techniques, batik has become a beloved trend in interiors and fashion. Modern produced batik fabrics are often made with help of large stamps and printers. The wax resisting technique is not always used. These modern methods does still give it this unique and ancient touch.  

Batik fabrics can be incredibly colorful or deep and intense. A special aspect is that you can put every wanted pattern to the fabric. You have a huge freedom as designer. How the fabrics are woven have impact on the appearance of batik, it’s always unique.


Original Batik Technique

Fabric Rings Batik BlogTraditionally, batik is a wax-resist dyeing technique and is used to apply colours on fabrics selectively. It’s an outstanding and historical form of art which has been practised for centuries. In Java, Indonesia batik is an ancient tradition. The origin of batik comes from ‘tik’ and means ‘to dot’ in Indonesia. In the original way, patterns are drawn with pencil and later redrawn by using hot bees wax. There are many tools to apply the wax. A pen like tool called ‘a canting’ is most common. The tool is a copper holder with a tiny spout. Copper stamps are often used to cover larger pieces more efficiently.








After applying the wax, the fabric can be dyed on. Other ways to dye is by giving the fabric a dye bath. The dye will not attach places where wax is applied. Lighter colours are always dyed first, following by a darker shade. After the cloth dried, the wax can be removed by hand or by boiling water. The pattern is what will remain unprocessed. Afterwards you can apply a new pattern of wax and start dyeing a new layer of colours. You can repeat this many times to get the desired outcome.


The – Blue Hues – Batik Trend in Interior

Batik blue hues is a trend that stands out. It can give a unique and cultured touch to everything when you use it. You can find batiks in all kinds of trendy ways.  > Scroll Down for Quiltspiration on Batiks < 


Pillows combined with Wall Art
Pillows Batik Setting


Batiks as furniture and accessories

Interior Batik Blog Pillows Batik Blog


Wear the trend (bags, scarfs)

Anthology Batik Bags

Batik Collection – Something Blue by Jacqueline de Jonge for Anthology Batiks

This collection of valuable batiks coming in blue shades comes in all sorts of designs. Gorgeous classic flowers, scrolls, leaves and swirls and other prints that will dazzle you. This pretty treasure doesn’t shine, but is cuttable and sewable, which is even better because it’s in need for your new batik masterpiece. Capture the magic and beauty of blue hues: sweet and deep shades are found in the Something Blue Collection. The light and dark blue batiks truly emulate magic and beauty along with classic batik design.

Something blue by Jacqueline de Jonge

The Anthology Batik Collections are for sale at Rhinetex (B2B only): contact us via sales@rhinetex.com.



Batik Collection – Machi by Debbie Maddy

Machi is the Japanese word for a city. Japan has many beautiful cities – large and small – that are filled with beautiful imag-es. From the side-by-side mix of ancient and contemporary structures to the landscape surrounding the cities, towns and villages. Even the day-to-day findings are special – the manhole covers are works of art, there are paintings on the firehouse doors, and from a gorgeous door to a remarkable fence, every nook and cranny has been thoughtfully crafted to express beauty.

201811 Machi by Debbie Maddy for Moda Fabrics

The Machi by Debbie Maddy for Moda are for sale at Rhinetex (B2B only): contact us via sales@rhinetex.com.




Quiltspiration Batiks:

quilt Something Blue by Jacqueline de Jonge for Anthology Batiks


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