What to do with Mini Charm Packs? We have a free pattern for you!

Mini Charm Packs are as sweet as their nickname says: Moda Candies. They are 2 ½“ squares small, a package of 42 pieces and represent the entire fabrics of one collection.

Moda offers them as a wholesale package of 24 pieces or as Candy assortments in a box for displaying 42 pieces of different collections.

While some people might wonder: What should I do with these little squares, there are so many wonderful ideas on the internet: pillows, pouches, bags, even complete quilts.

It’s a great product for you as a shop owner: E.g. you buy the 24 pieces package of one collection, sew one sample and can sell 23 more kits by this one sample. It will make for a small project, which people can do at one weekend and an investment, which has not to be thought over.

Or you go with the candy box and meet everyone’s taste with different collections.

Either way – it’s a win.

Especially if you have a free pattern going with it. And this is what we have on the blog as a download for you. We have a simple table runner pattern, simple to sew, but with a great layout.

It’s a DIN A5 flyer, which you can print out on yourself and use as a bag stiffer. Or place it on your sales counter as a take away. People will love the free pattern and are likely to take a mini charm pack with them.

Here is the free project, the pattern has even two settings: one for a single mini charm pack, one for two mini charm packs.

Download it and feel free to use it in your shop.