Zen Chic’s Fall Market Collection: True Blue

It’s close, it’s exciting, it’s inspiring: International Quilt Market Fall 2016 in Houston is soon to open its doors for an audience everywhere from the globe.

Moda – which is without any doubt my favorite fabric company – will bring hundreds of wonderful new prints and basics. This manufacturer takes really care of high quality fibers and the drape and excellence of their materials are unrivaled (And I always said that, even when I was not yet a designer for Moda).

You will find new collections from your favorite designers, new notions and books presented.

One of the new collections is mine, TRUE BLUE by Zen Chic.
As the name suggests, it has to do with blue, to be exact with denim-blue.

As denim gets more hauteur, it spreads its wings not only into the collections of the Hi-fashion highway, it also shows up in the quilt fabric world with increased frequency.

TRUE BLUE captures all the different hues we love about jeans: from white over a pastel washed-out blue, powder blue, classic indigo, to darker tones like night blue and nearly black. Modern reminiscences of Dutch Delft tiles make for beautiful large floral prints. Combined with medium scale coordinates, partly geometric, partly organic and small-scale blenders Zen Chic’s brand new collection offers everything a quilter’s heart or a denim lover can long for.

With 26 new fabrics showing the typical Zen Chic look: minimalist and classic, yet at the cutting edge.
TRUE BLUE is a trendy collection although the color range makes it very timeless and versatile. It is for the very young quilter who combines it with real denim material as well as for the more mature quilter, who will create something elegant from all the blue hues.

They are also great for home dec like pillows or placemats. Bags and garments will look fantastic with the floral large scale prints.

What about a quick project with a mini-charm pack for the shop? Sew together all the little squares, frame it with some rough denim. Looks cool and you can show all fabrics on a glance and inspire your customer with an idea.
true-blue-3Be aware that for Moda fabrics you will have only a little time frame to order yours. Six weeks after introducing a new line the orders will be closed. So ask your Rhinetex sales rep or go through the newest catalogue of Moda to make sure you don’t miss the chance of getting the newest and hottest prints on the Market into your shop!