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Brigitte Heitland – Hey Dot Fabric Collection

The brand new collection HEY DOT of Zen Chic will ship to stores very soon. They are scheduled for the September delivery.

The cotton fabrics for your patchwork and quilt projects are all in the wonderful high quality fibers we know from Moda.

HEY DOT is, as the name suggests, a collection playing with a variety of dots. Dots with my own twist on it: There are the well-known polka dots, but mine have some handwritten notes on it (one says “can’t live without fabric”, and this is true). Other polka dots are just from a sketched texture.

And there is a fun multicolor print with dots looking like candies.

One of the designs has dots with letters in it or signs and the letters form words.

Some of the dots are so tiny, that the design makes for a great blender, which you can use with all kinds of other fabrics.

Another print shows dots so close together, that the dots themselves disappear and you rather perceive the space between, which seem to be little stars.

The collection plays with all kinds of dots and you know: Every fun quilt needs some dots inside, doesn’t it?

For the colorways I decided to go with primary colors. The dots are young and fun, so the colors should be too. I used the same green, grey and white as in the previous collection FLOW, so that you can combine the both. The aqua and orange are also very close to the former collection, while I added yellow, red, fuchsia and pale pink to widen the color range.

The white color way makes for perfect low volumes.

The fiery red is yummy, combines wonderfully with the fuchsia and pale pink and the red-and-white polka dots are classy.

Sunny yellow

Calm aqua

Fresh green

And of course there are new patterns for this collection.

Hey Dot by Zen Chic for Moda

HEY DOT is a collection for happy quilts, for a young family, for girls or kids, for bag projects and for a cheerful home dec.

They are also great for garments.
Hey Dot by Zen Chic for Moda
Your customer will love these dots. What about a fun project with a mini-charm pack for the shop? A little placemat for example. You can show all fabrics on a glance and inspire your customer with an idea.